Milo in repose


The  housesitter /petsitter adventure can be like a bag of licorice allsorts. You never know quite what you re going to get .I am pretty intuitive but  you can only tell so much from photos

People naturally enough will post the best  photos of their pets  and its rather like a dating site  and its like being a kid in a candy store as you ooh and ah over this pat and that .Your heart cant help but do a little leap as the beguiling pooches look out at you with their bedroom puppy dog eyes  and gorgeous  imperial looking pusscats will sit  ensconsed in regal poses looking out at you through half closed eyes with almost disdainful  expressions as if to say  “deign to be in my presence if you dare” and some times you will just look at an animal  pic and feel the rightness of the match and feel thats its an assignment heaven sent  for you that will benefit both you and the furry critter   and that there will be a  lovely gift  or special experience there for you somewhere  if you apply for and get the assignment .

Then there is the house and making sure the energy of the place will be the right match for you .Some sits can be a bit uncomfortable when the energy of a place is heavy or people are not as clean and tidy as you would like  I usually steer clear of really cluttered  dark places which feels like the energy is a bit heavy and go for nice high tone well kept homes .



So Anges sit came in at short notice   The dog and cat  she needed looked very cute and appealing in the pics  and Ange  sounded great on the phone and the house looked fine in the pics.  I didnt really research it too much . I just knew it was a city sit and in a suburb Wavell Heights I didn’t know too much about   so I set off bright and early  on the appointed day and found myself at the house without too much trouble  and  as soon as I walked in the side gate to the back entrance I knew I had lucked out with this particular sit . The back garden was a lovely space with a  well kept lawn and  spacious outdoor patios. Through the glass doors I could see  a spacious gracious home  and as I turned the key in the lock the most beautiful pale creamy  blond almost white golden retreiver with huge liquid brown puppy dog eyes was waiting for me. This was Pippa she saw me coming and was quite fearless and sociable  immediately picked up one of her soft toys  looking  up hopefully at me  that I had come to play  .Pippa was a gorgeous girl  very well  kept and with lovely high vibing  energy and the most lovable playful  nature .She did have a few quirks   as I was later to find out.One of her tricks was to  sit down in the middle of the road and point blank refusing to move if she had other ideas about the general direction you wanted the walk to go in O n the last day of the sit  she must have sensed Ange was on the way home and there was about to be a changing of the guard and  she was also a bit annoyed with me that I had put her through her paces to get home a bit more quickly that day  than our usual snails pace meander on previous walks and  she let loose with a round of loud barking even though Ange had assured me she wasnt a barker but I sensed Pippa was just telling me ” your’e not really the boss around here and I can do what I like ”  and we’d had such a lovely time I was more amused than anything at her  rebellious  little dummy spit  .


However nothing could quite prepare me for Milo .Milo  strolled in a short while later  the most sleek and handsome Tonkinese pussy cat  a beautiful shade of soft creamy  caramel and chocolate with lovely lines and beautifully delineated features .I took one look in to Milos  beautiful sea blue-green eyes and was a goner .Whatever the ‘it’ factor  was that some fur babies have Milo had it in spades  He  was just so handsome and seemed to remember me from a previous life  and came at me like a full on little love machine  no holds barred .Milo was so guiless and open hearted in his affections  .Some animals can be a bit clingy and demanding  but Milo seemed to have no agenda  other than to give and get as many cuddles as possible   and his fountain of love was overflowing like an irrepressible little unstoppable tap flowing with the good stuff . He was I could see a little earth angel  and a healer.


People will unanimously tesify to  the power of unconditional love a beloved pet will show to its owner  greeting them joyously and enthusiastically at the door after a hard day at the office  happy to see their owners  no matter what  utterly devoted , lavishing them with love and acceptance without qualification .it goes without saying this is  why poeple have pets. However  every now and then you will come across an animal  who seems to have  been born with an extra string to its bow  as a bonafide healer  .I have  been involved in holistic healing modalities and studying pranic healing and quantum energy healing for years .Its my thing and everynow and then you will come cross a creature who seems to  be a particularly pure channel through which love and joy and lightness  from Higher dimensions just seems to flow naturally and easily at a particularly high and light  vibration so that you cant help but feel  enlivened and lightened and rejuvenated  by their presence  .I have come cross two such animals this year Milo and  jasper the Irish Wolf Hound which I wrote about in my post  ‘Jasper the White Light Quantum Spirit Diamond Doggie ‘  and now Milo . More is written about these ‘White Spirit Creatures  these little quantum healers in  the books ‘White-Spirit-Animals’  prophets of change by  J-Zohara-Meyerhoff-Hieronimus .

Milos back story as Ange relayed a few details to me was that   he had come to them  from a Tonkinese breeder  with a much less robust brother who had died of illness and later  had replaced this cat with another cat which also died so Milo had  been through the death of   both a sibling and a playmate .Then when Pippa arrived  as a tiny puppy  as happens with some cats when a new dog arrives on the scene .Some cats will get their knickers in a knot and up stakes entirely and move out of the house a;together   take themselves off and find another neighbour willing to feed them    Milo had felt displaced by probably by  Pippas  exuberant puppy energies  and had not taken to Pippa at all  and had been quite  standoffish with her for a while there. However  apparently Pippa just loved  him and followed him around adoringly and Milo  had eventually secuumbed to her charms come and now the pair were good friends .Every now and then they would gently nuzzle one another seeming to speak a silent secret language of reassurance and comfort between the pair.  There was also a good natured jockeying for the attention and cuddles between the pair with  but Milo with his sleek wiry little body  definately had the advantage and could jump up  onto the couch and right into your lap and place himself strategically in line for easy pats and cuddles where Pippa was a bit more  restricted at floor level  Ah the fun and games of it all  but generally  much of the time at the sit was one big cuddle fest for all three of us .



                                                                                                     Milo and Pippa got along eally well together                                                                                                                                        Milo and Pippa

At night I have tended to wake up  at 3.00am most nights and toss and turn and ruminate about stuff and find it hard to sleep  and I noticed on just about every night of the sit around 3am Milo would  climb through the bedroom window and plop on to the bed and come up for a cuddle   .He would climb all around me purring like like a lawn mower  finding is most comfortable spot  to settle. He’d curl up on my shoulder and tuck his little head into the nape of my neck and eventually settle down. He was like a little calming potion  and soothed by his gentle presence  my anxieties would disappear and I would relax and we’d drift off to sleep  together .

The next morning I would get up out of bed and Milo would actually  curl up in the very same spot on the bed and stay there sleeping most of the whole day   .He looked so lovely and peaceful sleeping there I was moved to remark to a a friend Carole  I wonder  where do pussy cats go when they sleep  ?  Carole replied that    perhaps they went to dreamland and chasing butterflies .I feel  that cats  have heightened sensitivities and  are  attuned to spiritual worlds and can be  shapeshifters and their spirit can move easily between different dimensional worlds just as we do as we sleep .

I felt  Milo  actually came into this world as a healer and his cup already ran over genetically and spiritually predisposed to innocence acceptance warmth and  affection on steroids . His position further consolidated and his character and lovely  trusting nature  honed  when he lucked out by being procured by such a cool and loving family who treated their animals with great love and care and respect . I told the family I reckoned they should hire Milo out by the hour as cuddle  therapy .

As I watched Milo sleeping so peacefully it seemed to me he was back in some Heavenly dimension recharging his little love batteries and refuelling his little love tank .

Milo in repose


I felt really blessed  to have spent  such a high vibing happy time  with two some gorgoeus critters as Pippa and Milo and was further gratified when Ange submitted this lovely review for me


Anges Review

Ange – Wavell Heights, Queensland, Australia

27 Sep – 1 Oct 2022

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Wendy was fantastic in every way. What mattered most to us is that the pets were well cared for and Milo & Pippa certainly were. There was maybe even a fraction of disappointment when Milo saw it was us and not Wendy opening the door! :). Wendy was communicative, reliable and left the house beautifully clean. We’re so grateful for the care she showed for the pets and our house and hope we will be able to have her pet/housesit again for us one day!

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