This is a tale of something that happened to me a couple of weeks ago

I am of the belief that there are many star people here on earth  incarnated here from all over the galaxies and from different start systems  e.g Sirius,Andromeda,Arcturus,Lyra,and the Pleiades to name just some of them

These  people incarnate here on earth  with different abilities and qualities and energies such as our planet is in need of and to assist as she journeys through her ascension towards greater enlightenment  and to move beyond the present day chaos and move ultimately  towards a fairer kinder more just and more equitable  and safer and more  loving world to  once more reconnect with her intergalactic  family and  for all of humanity to be awakened to the deeper truths about her cosmic citizenry

Many star people have chosen to incarnate to assist the earth with increasing the  quotient of love and light energies  needed to help the earth make a shift towards a lighter higher vibration

I have long been aware of the Pleiades  The constellation known as the Seven Sisters and long felt  a warm and affectionate connection to it .When I see the constellation I feel a soft warm  twinkly loving creative energy associated with it It seems to twinkle with a soft magical twinkly  light  it is believed and conveyed through Barbara Marciniak’s (Pleiadian channeller) fine books  ‘Earth’ ‘Bringers Of The Dawn’ and  ‘Teachers of the Pleiadians’  that the Pleiadians are  a highly evolved and benignly intentioned species kind of like our Cosmic cousins who might be a few steps ahead of the earth in her evolutionary progress and who watch over us with  great benevolent and kindly intentioned interest.

Interesting to me also  is that the Pleiades is also in the constellation of Taurus  which is my astrological birth sign  and she is  the closest star cluster to earth  positioned apparently 444.2 light years from earth and I have always recognised 444 as being that magical angelic number which signifies “the angels have your back ”   Anyway it is believed that many Pleiadian beings walk amongst us .  it is said  that not all but many of the Pleaidian star seeds walking the earth are very fairhaired and fair skinned with blue eyes.They are highly evolved with gentle kindly compassionte and empathetic natures which leads me to my story.

I had just  spent the loveliest morning  painting with a local art group .What  a joy it was after so much  Covid related restrictions and  being consigned to online stuff to sit down with other human beings FACE to FACE   and paint  and chat drink coffee  and eat someone’s homemade lemon sponge I met up with my old neighbour from two doors down when I was living in Maleny   and all in all  felt like I had died and gone to heaven

Anyway the day seemed to go from strength to strength  after that.I left on a high and in my travels met  a lovely guy who was a retired soldier who had fought in Afghanistan and who kindly carried my groceries to the railway station for me .Then as I had an hour to wait in Landsborough before my bus  home I headed over to the tavern for a meal .I am not usually  much of a pub goer but  I was ravinously hungry and their bangers and mash were scrumptious

Then I headed to catch the bus and there she was Orien sitting at the bus stop   She is a  very attractive  fairhaired and lightskinned lady  with  sparkly eyes  and a lovely warm smile although there was something a bit fragile and otherworldly about her  as if she was not quite grounded  . We fell into conversation easily and when we hopped on to the bus   she sat in the seat in front of me and we fell into animated conversation laughing easily together  She told me her name was Orien and that her mum’s name was Orien and that she had named her daughter Orien  She described herself as a free spirit and although she had 3 children  which sounded as if they were in their late teens or early 20s  they lived away from her near their father somewhere up the coast  .She was just coming home from a concert which she had attended with her mum where a male choral group had sung a programme of sea shanties somewhere over on  Bribie Island. She showed me a photo of her and her mum  also a very attractive lady  and described herself as a free spirit who loved to be spontaneous and   do unexpected outrageous things  .She told me she wrote a haiku poem  everyday and she showed me a photo of a beautifully decorated caravan she and a girlfriend had travelled up the East Coast in .       

Constellation of the Pleiades

Even though we were at least two decades apart if not three  we got along so well   clearly sharing similar values about all the important things in life and her bubbly kindly energy was infectious.

Since we were doing ‘show and tell’  I happened to have a painting I had done and she loved it and wanted to buy it   but I realized I  couldn’t bring myself to part with it   and she got quite miffy  with me when I told her even if she offered me 4 times as much I wouldn’t sell it it being one of the few copies I somehting I have painted I would enjoy having on my wall . I did however happen to have a spare copy of my  book with me about which  was really impressed and she chose instead to buy that. So I inscribed the copy of the book for her .

Not a pic of Orien but looks something like her .

The she decided we needed to have our photo taken together and she came and sat on my lap and insisted we display both my painting and my book and she took a selfie of us  and  it came out beautifully  There we were two crazy chicks  sharing  a magical moment on the 605 bus back to Caloundra

Before I got off the bus we said our goodbyes clearly  pleased to have met one another and                   she promised to send over the copy of the selfie and I got home with a big smile on my face shaking my head with wonder at what a magical day it had been all round

When I checked the next morning she had sent a photo but it was not the selfie of the two of us  I would have love to have posted so I texted her  said what a pleasure it was to meet her and could she send me that particular photo  but I never heard back  from her

I  could have rung her but I was happy to let it go  The moment being magical for what it was  .We were as I said generations apart and who knows  either she was at home in her sharehouse somewhere in Bokarina or she had beamed herself  back to the Pleiades which I am certain she came from and  I hold the memory in my heart  no less meaningful  for not having the photo

It was only after the encounter that I recognised her starry origins Everything just fit. The physical appearance  the emmanence of that light magical  kindly twinkly energy .her empathetic and compassionate nature  her reverence for the creative arts in all their forms . Sometimes in life  you just know things with a certainty without knowing exactly how it is that you know

The same as I felt   Patrick Swayze was/is a Sirian star seed I felt it before I could rationalize it  and did some research . He fit all the profile characteristics

Patrick Swayze that God amongst men ,that dream boat   was all about stamina and endurance and he drove himself and his body really hard  in the end giving into  substance abuse just to sustain himself and keep up the unrealistic  pace hollywood and fame placed on him .I hope he chooses to come back and  has  incarnated here amongst us again and we will have the pleasure of his company  in some different form

I myself have been wondering about my own starry origins I dont feel as if I am from the Pleiades but from some other dimension  but the Pleiades holds a special significance for  me as if it is a galactic portal  through which I myself had to pass to come to earth and  I feel  as if they know me well there  and I have cousins here  and when I see the constellation I always wave and say Hi imagining some benevolent  cosmic beings  looking down kindly and fondly and waving back at me

Fanciful I know . Fact or Fiction ? People reading this  will judge in accordance with  their own levels of  cosmc conscious and what  they believe to be real and true  and possible.


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