Mary Poppins Returns

Here is a little ‘Mary Poppins Magic’ ….I created with watercolour  in an early morning painting session today  .When I passed through Maryborough late last year  Mary Poppins had clearly left her indelible magical mark on the town and the good folks of Maryborough  are obviously  happy to bask in the reflected glory of the  author P J Travers  and her globally loved and acclaimed  character  Mary Poppins and the tourist dollars she rakes in


The old bank building that was the birthplace of PJ Travers has been converted to a Mary Poppins museum There is a fabulous $50 ,000  of the redoubtable Mary Poppins complete with her magical carpet bag  and even traffic lights in the main street are adorned with Poppins images .The green light  shows an image of  Mary Poppins taking flight with her umbrella …very cute .

I had the pleasure of  sitting and sketching in the very park where JP  Travers would have been pushed in her perambulator as a toddler ..

The new Disney  Mary Poppins movie’ Mary Poppins Returns’ was for me every bit as magical as the original which inspired and lit up my childhood years with   visions of  imaginative and fantastical possibilities and this later version  was a timely reminder  for me to lighten up and  remember the lighter more fun and  magical side of life and  remember  the possibilites of being a magical manifestor

Mary Poppins Returns is  a glorious film which did what it could to pay homage to its timeless classic predecessor  and does in my estimation  very much succeed in bringing the Poppins magic alive for this generation of youngsters especially considering the gamut of special effects technical gung pow wizardry  movies  this movie is competing with for kids attention and allegiance . The song and dance routines alone are  wonderful and well worth the price of the ticket ………

Mary Poppins Traffic Lights in Maryborough Qld

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