I finally got to a much anticipated photoshoot at one of my favorite nature spots Mapleton Lilyponds in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland .I was really thrilled when as I stood by the lake contemplating shots a mother duck with no less than  six little baby ducklings emerged from the reeds directly in front of me

The lake actually looked pretty dry when I arrived the water levels were down and the banks were cracked and dusty and muddy and conditions  were not ideal for taking photos then fortituously  while  I was  staying  it rained and the lilyponds were transformed




These beautiful  waterlilies  seemed to  blossom overnight adding touches of serene and translucently lovely  spots of colour throughout the lake lily


I watched curiously as  waterlily leaves seemed to move by themselves  and then if you stayed watching long enough  up popped little turtles heads

I happened upon this duck grooming itself who cracked me up as it would not just stop grooming and  pop its head up to pose  for a photo moment but kept grooming itself and then without a pause even to look up  it tucked its head under its wing to snooze completely oblivious and unconcerned  as if to say ‘no appearance fees  no photo’

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