If your’e  immediate gonna be grounded anywhere I kind  of think I might have lucked out in finding myself up here in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland ……….They are  lifting some restrictions this weekend .Yeh !Wait for it.We are allowed to walk in pairs or sit in a park and have a picnic in pairs .within a 50 k radius from our homes …..just in time for my birthday  Yeh !!!! oh and we can surf or jet ski    if we feel in the mood  Yippee ………now where did I park my jet ski ?

Some therapeutic  massage also opened up this week so  was in like Flynn for my pre birthday massage treat …….. thankyou to the lovely Heather  ……

Happy to report  my garden is thriving .Everything I have planted so far is on the up and nothing has died . Its a thrill growing stuff from tiny seeds …..Have to say the rocket and the carrots are doing me proud ….

Also with all this time at home I have no excuse not to be getting into the illustrations for the book I have been working on ‘Creme and Caramel’s Big Adventure’  and am making really good progress there .Have had a good chat with a printer  this week  and  am making decisions now about page sizes, formatting and bindings 

                                       latest couple  of  pics for  ‘Creme and Caramels Big Adventure ‘

Oh yes .I saw some beautiful Angel Wing Clouds  the other day at Landsborough Railway Station  ……… See latest Post on Wendys Wisdom      

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