There are two two magnificent Moggies I have travelled my lifes journey with at two different times Folks I know what it is to be totally smitten by a Moggie and to have those little moggie claws firmly imbedded in my heart .My big moggie loves were Happy Cat and Clancy both exceedingly handsome Marmalade toms .

In my 30s when I was living  a rather pioneering lifestyle in Mt Victoria a tiny little blue Mts village there was Happy Cat who adopted me. I really had very little say in the matter. Happy Cat simply preferred my place to that of the exceedingly noisy and unruly house he hailed from down the road continually full of teenage boys and their mates and their loud rock music and took to stopping up at my place for a bit of peace and quiet I think.

I tried not to encourage him , knowing he belonged elsewhere but when I would put him out and close the door on him he would do stuff like in the middle of a freezing Blue Mts winter hurl himself at the window mieowing pitifully protesting his despair and indignation until I relented and let him in .

The owners didn’t seem to miss him and they never really challenged the change of ownership (as if anyone really ever owns a cat ) and Happy cat and I became a pair .Happy Cat was exceedingly handsome with beautiful golden whorls on his coat. Sometimes he would sit in the sun and simply glow like some beautiful golden buddah and I was chuffed that such handsome bloke had chosen me .

In my besottedness I would imagine Happy Cat as some superbly spiritually evolved Buddah like creature but in truth he was so terribly self serving I’m not quite sure he ranked up there as having graduated to the elevated realms I through my rose coloured glasses bestowed on him.

God but he was a character and had no manners .He would do stuff like when I brought home the shopping and had to put the bags down on the porch to find the door key happy cat would pounce into the bags and bury his way down to the bottom of the bag sending groceries flying in search of tasty meaty treats .

Another time I recall when I was eating breakfast and the phone rang Happy cat presuming to jump up on the kitchen table and finish my muesli for me .His manners were completely beyond the pale and we had many conversations Happy Cat amd me about his presumptuous manners and as to who it was who actually paid the rent and put food the table .

One of his favorite tricks was to curl up on top of the hot water bottle and completely hog it so I could barely get my frosty toes on it but he had his saving graces too.I was grieving the loss of a man at the time and Happy Cat seemed to know this and sometimes when I was sitting watching TV he would drape himself diagonally across my chest as if to absorb my grief…….

Happy Cat died several years later with kidney failure and I mourned his passing feeling like I had failed him . When he was very ill he would sit up on the roof keeping his distance not wanting to be involved in human activity any longer. Why hadn’t I noticed sooner how sick he really was ? and feeling helpless that I simply didnt have the thousands of dollars at the time that might have extended his life .The vet told me it was better to let him go.

Interestingly in the throes of his passing my next door neighbour with whom we had been dancing around each other flirtatiously for months came to assist me with getting Happy cat to the vet and it quickly drew us closer together and we soon got together romantically it was as if Happy Cat in his passing passed the baton to Will the neighbour to become the new man in my life .

Move forwards 20 odd years to Clancy who came to me on loan as part of a house sitting arrangement out in beautiful rural Bonville on the Coffs Coast . Clancy was a bit snooty with me at first as I think before me he had had a few changes of owners but eventually we bonded and did really well together .We were way out in the country with only each other and a few chooks for company and I would often go off to town to Coffs Harbour or Bellingen or Nambucca heads and on the bus and when I came home Clancy would come up the very long drive wailing loudly remonstrating that I had left him alone for too long .I think Clancy had abandonment issues as people he got attached to in the past were always leaving and once we bonded and he decided he liked me he stuck to me like glue .

Clancy too was a character and would do stuff like after he had been out in the fields and the surrounding bush all night getting up to God knows what he would come in through the open bedroom window landing on the bed with an almighty thump waking me up and then proceed to dive under the covers curling himself up near my feet his freezing little paws pressing in to me

One night after I had yelled at him for some particularly vexing thing he had done He sat with his back to me with a very disapproving and vexed air for quite some time He might have decided decided to teach me a lesson for shortly after this he disappeared for several days and nights. He had NEVER done this before but had always come when called  and I was beside myself with worry thinking all kinds of worse case scenarios of what might have become of him .Then he suddenly reappeared again several days later as mysteriously as he had gone  ….and the world righted itself once more .    

Other nights if I was sleeping on my side I would wake up and by the light of the moon I’d find Clancy draped along the ridge formed by my body on its side like some imperial sphinx purring loudly in my ear .

Eventually I had to give Clancy back to his owner when our house sit arrangement came to an end and this too was a very sad parting .

I believe our pets incarnate with us through lifetimes If souls travel together and incarnate through time in family groups and soul tribes why not our pets I believe they move through life times with us
Actually there is a really good movie around a few years ago about this very theme called

“A Dog’s Purpose



It was a wonderful heart warming thought provoking film that follows a dog through his numerous incarnations and his various life purposes within each

In one of his last incarnations the dog is somehow reconnected with a girl he recognizes as his previous owners long lost love and manages to play cupid to bring the happy couple together .Definitely recommended film created by Steven Speilbergs company Amblin Entertainment .

I personally believe that animals stay as the same species of creature through their  incarnations I do not believe dogs incarnate as cats or cats as dogs thats just my intuitive feeling that they stay true  to their species through various lifetimes.

Pleiadian Channeller Barbara Marciniak in her most wonderful book EARTH poses a interesting idea about who are our moggies might really be and what might be really going on there ?


As I read her book these fun impressions came to me .Consider f you will a planet ‘Cat’ ruled by huge imperial beings which are sphinx like half cat and half person who want information about the human condition so then our pussy cats are really these little receptors gathering and receiving infomation about humanity and the human condition and human relationships to beam up and send back to their home planet . consider pussy cats can infliltrate homes and circumstances which reflect all the myriad circumstances of human experiences .wealth and poverty,city and country deeply loved or outcast and neglected and many of us agree Often it does seem like our cats chose us .
Its not so far fetched as it first might seem when you consider that pussy cats or dogs as well for that matter have the means to in filtrate right in to the very bosom of family relationships and the intimate corners of family life far better than any private detective might .If cats could talk who knows what tales they might tell ?

So if your see your moggies ears start to twitch and their whiskers vibrate for no apparent reason it might be that they are in the process of uploading information to their home planet …….
Fascinating !!! The Earth Book by Barbara Marciniak is a fascinate and and compelling read for anyone open and ready to better understand our planets evolution and purpose in the bigger Cosmic scheme of things …..and our roles as custodians of all the critters and creatures here apparently beamed in from all over the Universe that God/dess has placed in our care .

Wendy Buss

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