I arrived in Mapleton yesterday and truly gobsmacked at how beautiful it is . I checked in to my accommodation it seemed I qualified for the gecko deal and received choccies and wine with my booking  which was a wonderful surprise. made short work of those choccies.

After I had settled in I went for a walk in to town I walked filled with gratitude at the sheer beauty and very light energies of the place As I walked I passed pockets of rainforests and a couple of  lakes filled with lilypads and Moor Hens which reminded me nostagically  of the beautiful meditation Lake I had spent many peaceful reflective hours  hours walking near at Southern Cross Uni in Lismore . My first stop  in Mapleton  was the Range op shop which also doubles as a Visitor Information Centre.

I spoke to a lovely lady called Jan and before I knew what was happening I had purchased some  exquisite white linen  (my weakness ) at bargain prices for which there defiantly is no room in my suitcase I was invited to  volunteer  at the information / and Range  opshop which raises money for really worthwhile services offering Home Care services to elderly and disabled people across the range and was talking art and learning all about a man called Bruces mid life crises which he redeemed through  his art .I had somehow learnt about all his numerous  past wives before I managed to extricate from a definitely interesting but alas very  one sided conversation …..

Over lunch  I examined the brochures I had picked up at the info centre and learned about the most amazing community initiative the Mapleton Community Library  which is described as a community owned facility operated entirely by Volunteers .Mapleton Community Library once existed as part of the Maroochy shire library  but when the library building and all the contents were destroyed by fire in 1992  the council decided not to reopen the library so the community  banded together and in 1993  the new community  library opened here which is staffed and run completely by volunteers and offers a variety of different services eg photocopying  computer and internet book clubs .JP services ,art exhibitions  a venue for home schoolers etc .

I am impressed and cant wait to visit  the library. I also met a lovely  lady working in sales at one of the real estates   with whom I had a wonderful chat. We shared a exchange of info   She is off to Perth at Christmas and I was able to tell her of  beautiful places to see and experience in Perth and she was really generous with info to help orientate me to what is on offer  up here .As I walked around the village I gazed out at vistas of heart achingly beautiful countryside which  stretches away down to the Sunshine coast and is pure chocolate box . As I walked past the pub l spoke to a man gesturing the scenery and commenting on its beauty he smiled sheepishly nodding in agreement.” Yep he said it sure is but I have been living here for 50 years now ” and admitted he took it for granted

Today I have been relaxing in my cabin  working at the computer  My verandah looks out onto rainforest and the air is filled with rainforest sounds and embued with the heavy scent of magnolia . It feels wonderful to just stop for a while . Today I have given myself permission to acknowledge my tiredness to take a nap and watch TV in the middle of the day .Small pleasures .I have been travelling for a year now and I need to stop for a while and   smell the roses or the magnolia and  I will rest here a while on the range.   There are three little townships in heartachingly beautiful countryside ……a  stable interesting enlightened open minded  community   I look forwards to getting to know a little better  …….

My heart is filled with gratitude at finding myself  in this beautiful place where I will stop awhile ..(photos to come)


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