I have had an alternately busy and cruisy weekend moving into my new home back up in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast after travelling for the past 8 months’

Here I am  ,unpacking boxes getting misty eyed as I reconnect once more with my ever expanding collection of lace doilies , satin doona covers and  teapots  paintbrushes  and  books and more books   and all the stuff I invariably forget I have once it gets packed away   

In the process  of unpacking I have been stopping to watch David Wilcock’s Cosmic Disclosure series on Gaia.com.Also see  (Divine Cosmos Davids own personal online channel) and Edge of Tomorrow  where he talks to insiders  Scientists  who have worked at military bases across the globe especially in the US  and Central America   and who have been recruited from a young age into secret space programmes  people like Emery Smith and Pete Peterson and Dave Adair….and what they talk about is extraordinary  fascinating and almost unbelievable .Apparently at these secret underground military bases they have been in contact with alien civilizations from all over the galaxy for years, trading technology secrets, using reverse technology to learn from alien races with advanced technology to build space  crafts  creating  anti gravity  and alterative energy systems  3Dprinting computers  that can create human life using our DNA  ,Genetic engineering experiments   involved in cloning creating hybrid creatures using the dna from alien and human AND metallic substances like Titanium ..it is heady and addictive stuff …..According to David and these insiders some of these Top Secret programmes are about to become declassified and this info will become readily available to the general populace of mankind and totally transform our world . 

I have actually seen genetically modified butterflies and will talk about that in another post  

These are certainly interesting times in which we live …….. Meanwhile from the fantastical to the fantatical This morning  I checked in with the news only to read that Australia is considering closing its schools …..What is happening guys ?  The world as we know it is going into free fall  .I truely am at a loss to understand poeples gullibility and susceptibility to mass hysteria …..even who I thought were intelligent and discerning news reporters are seemingly happy to be involved in the fear mongering and allowing themselves to be used as  voice pieces to spread panic and  misinformation Not cool ……

When I read that the Australian Govt was considering putting our country into lockdown  I thought to myself “Shit maybe I am missing something. Maybe poeple are dying in droves of this thing”   so I jumped online and   the latest reported facts are get this as of today 15/03/2020 of the less than 250 people in Australia reported as having the virus only 3 people have so far died in Australia 

Thats right folks only 3 poeple have died and all of these people are elderly  One was a man in his 80s another being a 95 year old woman and another 78 year old person. Thats it 3 poeple  2 at least of whom were probably close to approaching their transition to the other side anyway 


  • A man in his eighties was on Wednesday confirmed to have COVID-19  and died after he picked up the virus from an infected aged care worker in her 50s at BaptistCare’s Dorothy Henderson Lodge in Macquarie Park.

It bears thinking about how many people in Australia  died of heart attack ,cancer,other forms of flu this year ?I’ll hazard a very safe guess far more than 3 …….
 So I encourage people to keep cool heads and stay in touch with the facts and not be swayed by mass hysteria and panic …..  Someone in the top echelons of power is having fun and games at our expense. Drug companies mask manufacturers hand sanitizer manufacturers and toilet paper  manufacturers are making a killing (excuse the pun) out of all this fear and panic mongering 
Myself recently at a local health spa shop as I was moving into a new house and needed to buy toilet paper anyway snaffled a couple of rolls of WHO GIVES A CRAP an amazing recycled  toilet paper manufacturer who gives a healthy share of the profits to santization projects in underdeveloped countries 
I figured I would use one very sparingly and then am thinking of flogging the other one on Ebay for  $500 ………………………    if you get desperate make me  an offer .I might have a square to spare ……if the price is right hahaha    . 

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