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With so many surreal  chaotic  and  seemingly unbelievable things going on in the world  you look to the things  that are working  ,the places where the light still shines ,where kindness and order still prevails ,where nice things and good things still happen  and you say amen to that  .I  am grateful for  being close to mother nature and  being able to appreciate  her many gifts  I am  grateful for  my supportive private  FB  groups  and  holistic healing and art  and good friends and    the chance I have to travel and stay in lovely homes and  spend a lot of time  with animals  especially dogs  and I  am grateful every day  for what they can show me and teach me about love and friendship and loyalty and kindness



There is no doubt there is a battle raging on our planet  the fight for our soverignity and our  humanity is ON   ….  So as the Pleiadians say  ground with your roots , Auras up , Eat your chicken soup  which is a good  immune booster, stock up on groceries while you can   because inflation and the price of food is only gonna get worse before it gets better  .I  baulked  at paying  $9.00  for a iceberg lettuce the other day  .Still  going “what the?”  and the price of  cheese is getting up there I’d grow some lettuces but I am  away from home a lot  so not around  enough to cultivate a garden  but if you have a space on your terrace or a garden plot  and can be around to water  think about planting some vegs  Might save you a few dollars at the green grocers

I find myself being very grateful to Aldi  .They still have  a range of very nice  affordable cheeses  and grateful to my Suncoast  Christian Care discount supermarket  … all helps make the dollars stretch  .

I dont drive but I m hearing the price of fuel is going through the roof  Might be time to consider the bus  it can be a very sociable enterprise and helps keep the carbon  footprint down with less cars on the road  .


Image courtesy of Sappho cartoons 

Please do not  get a  4th booster or a fifth or a sixth  Have you not woken up by now  that the vaccines are NO guarantee you will not get COVID  and might in fact  be the reason you catch COVID   With the surging  cases of Covid  all of a sudden and all these apparent  new strains it would be interesting to have the figures to correlate how many people  coming down with COVID  for the first and second time HAVE  been vaccinated and to correlate the number of times people have been vaccinated  with the number of peolpe with or who have had Covid  . I’d place a safe bet such facts  coming to light might shock and astound people   and heads are gonna roll when  the truth does come out  about the chicanery which has been wrought on the masses with  this  man made biochemical weapon  designed to depopulate the planet   as more and more people get sick and the drug company cash registers keep going kerching kerching ……..everytime they  identify a new variant and plug a new booster  ….

Luckily  Morrison was voted out before he  got the chance to sign away the state of our nations health to the World Health Organization  as was his plan to have them come in and micro manage our nations  health system  . I have heard  the  less developed asian  nations saved our collective asses by voting  against  overweaning   WHO control.    Any awakened  person knows the World Health Organization is  a puppet organization of the Globalists   who seek to profit massively   from any  disaster or chaotic  event they can engineer  to undermine our health,our humanity and our soverignity .

Please look after your health  Any  steps you can take to  heal the shadow which  holds you back and weighs you down and keeps you feeling stick and blue  in out of present time paradigms  is worth taking  to lighten your own personal load and help you keep your head above water  …treat yourself to that massage, that energy healing … that keeps you aligned to the positive


Image Courtesy of  Wallhaven

The Light reaches out to you  but sometimes you need to make the commitment  to remove the obstacles blocking your experience of  being able to bask and revel in lifes goodness that is there for the taking  sometimes effort and work is required  and a commitment  to your own healing journey  Every time a person  commits to  healing their shadow and lightening their own load  the  quotient of light pouring  onto the planet increases  so to  make a commitment to heal yourself is also  your  contribution to healing the world


I would like to give a plug for the Pleiadians ..Every month  Barbara  Marciniak  releases a channelled Pleaidian  teaching  which thousands of people around the world listen to   a download of an  hour and  19 minutes  of sage insightful teaching  for the princely sum of $5.00.I love her  downloads   I have found them  prophetically  accurate  and resonating with integrity and full of fun too  as they claim to  have  a  troup of faithful pigeon bombadiers spying on the goings on at the White House  and some fascinating  insights into  Joe Bidens  regime


Latest Pleiadian Download 

Apparently now  they have Joe Biden lookalikes  taking the stage for public appearances with only every now and then trotting out the real JB  who is getting on in years which probably explains why sometimes you see him looking ancient and decrepit and at other times  he looks lively and spritely and youthful   .  Apparently Joe Bidens favorite TV show is Lassie  but if you wanna know more scintillating details  about the  American president  you  will need to listen to the Pleiadians exciting downloads  They have all the back issues right up to the current one available for ordering

These can be found  at     



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