Just For Tonight …


Just for tonight  the house is quiet

The wild beasts have been tamed

The demons have been vanquished or at least held at bay

The frayed and tattered edges have smoothed and flattened themselves out

transformed themselves into the tidy  fringes

of a  place mat laid out at lifes table to underpin the  civilities and rituals   and  small acts of grace and blessing the new day will bring

Outside the moon holds sway only slightly waning still bold and luminous

Swathed in curdled clouds like giant angels wings

Just for tonight I know I am safe and held in Grace and loved

The ducks have lined up and I feel I have got it right and peace reigns

and love  rules in my unruly and unlikely camp

Tomorrow early when morning comes I will pick flowers from my garden for a neighbour

I will meditate on the turning of the wheel and curled up on the couch or lie in bed and drink tea for three hours sipping slowly as I ruminate on  how my heart will need to expand to embrace lifes changes then

I may  wash the floors  and phone a friend and  maybe attend an art class and create something beautiful

Just for tonight we are on track and all is well .


Wemdy Buss





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