As a former creative arts primary  teacher now    writer  passionate artist photographer and spiritual traveller whose life especially in later years has become definately the road less travelled

I  initially started out with a site on    posting resources which had worked well for me in the classroom over my years as a  primary teacher specializing in Creative Arts  to share with other educators and teachers     See https:// independent/  

This site has  been has been very successful  the educational resources receiving a constant stream of  views from teachers ,educators and students from  all over the world 

Apart from my Academia site though I really  wanted a site to open up a broader  dialogue  with  my readers about a wider range of matters pertaining to  Life love the Universe and  Everything

 I created my new site to tantalize provoke and inspire  readers and  to share some of the  wonderful insights ,lessons  blessings  and gifts that have come my way as God/dess has shown me many beautiful things .

I hope through my site to inspire visitors  to take some risks  follow their heart and their passions   embark on their own  life  journeys  as a magical mysterious daring adventure where you may indeed be shown as I have been  many times  that the truth about life can often be  stranger than  fiction ,  to understand that  the trickiest obstacles and challenges might also yield the most beautiful blessings and to  definitely  keep a sense of humour and  look for the silver linings in the dark  clouds that inevitably do loom up  in life from time to time

I want to inspire readers to the possibiliity  that  there  can be light at the end of some very dark tunnels and   to consider the possibiiity that everything in life happens for a reason and  life can suddenly  change on the turn  of a coin  and  anything can happen and probably will.

I hope to inspire readers to keep a sense of wonder and to delight in this wonderful planet we call home to treasure her and honour her      

I’d like to inspire readers to  follow a little more confidently  where the carrots dangle as they step out   in a spirit of curiosity  wonder and above all TRUST in the direction of their dreams  and to encourage readers to pay attention to those magical  synchronicities and serendipitous events and signs which show up in our lives  to remind us  that perhaps after all we are being looked out for and   part of something bigger something grander  more awe inspiring  more mysterious  magical  and  more wonderful than perhaps we previously might ever  have dared  hoped for…………..