Jasper …. Tale Of A White Spirit  Doggie    

                                                                                                          Wendy  Buss   

At a time when I was weighed down with cares and struggling to see  the lighter  side of life  I had a lovely   opportunity to spend two weeks with  a lovely Irish Wolfhound  called Jasper. but let me tell you Jasper was no ordinary dog .My time with Jasper was like setting out on this totally unexpected all in ‘boots and all’  magical romp  of an adventure with this  high vibing white light   magical and endearing creature  that totally  lifted my spirits   and helped me remember what it felt like to feel real joy  once more .

After just a few days  I couldn’t help but feel  with Jasper that I was in the presence of this  totally cool  benign alien  almost angelic presence  he was a whole other order of beautiful pure clean white light energy and bubbly enthusiasm and joy and such an innocence about him. He was a  a very high vibing dog and  spending time with him was very much  for me an experience of being immersed in a healing and restorative  white light .

I couldn’t help but think of Jasper as a starseed doggie . The opportunity to spend time with  looking after Jasper was such a joyful and marvellous experience  to me it got me thinking about what order of creature he might be .

Shortly after    I had said good bye to Jasper, I came across an intriguing book by Zohara Myerhoff Heironimus DHL  called ‘White Spirit  Animals’ … Prophets of Change which examines in detail  the significance of white and albino creatures  appearing in the wilds and held up by various indigeneous cultures and ancient cultures as rare sacred totems and heavenly messengers and sacred conduits  bringing messages of hope and  peace and transitional changes afoot .


To certain North American tribes the White Buffalo is seen as a sacred totem  and seen as a harbinger of  peace and abundance . In South Africa the Star Lions are seen as gifts of the Sun God  Thailand and India White Elephants  represent purity and overcoming obstacles with a scared connection to the Elephant  Goddesses Lakshmi and Ganeesh .In Egypt the White Peacock is an alchemical  symbol representing  pure essential light and the pearl of great price  enlightenment . There is a whole slate of other  wild white beasts  white bears white  snakes and  white  wolves that are regarded as sacred totems



Photo courtesy of  www. whatsmyspiritanimal.com

The writer of  website ‘whatmyspiritanimal.com suggests  a fascination and  reverence for a pure white  creature appearing in the wilds is fuelled by the recognition that  these creatures are rare genetic mutations whose appearance is  all the more spectacular because it is much easier to see then  against the backdrop  of the natural world which might make them  an easy target for predators  perhaps then in the eyes of the beholder they  becomes embued with  sacred self protective  powers  demonstrating its alignment with  its Heavenly  and sacred origins .


My Easter Sketch of Jasper

The  author above mentioned claims  that  white  spirit animals are stewards of the  great spiritual transformations that occur during  transitional times when we are called to becoming more mindful  of preserving and sustaining  our natural environment .

Writers on the  website whatismyspiritanilmal.com claim that when a white or albino animal  makes itself known to you  it brings you good news  and  suggest your encounter with a White Spirit Animal tells you positive and dramatic changes are happening to you  and the appearance of the creature may support magical or psychic development .

The writers claim sometimes the appearance of a white animal  on your path holds a message for you of higher protection from the angels


Photo              courtesy of  www.whatsmyspiritanimal.com

Reading about other  cultures  and peoples perceptions of white  spirit animals  got me thinking .These days  although  many indigenous  cultures and cultures living closer to the edges of the wilds than we do may be lucky to spot a white beast in the wilds so  many of us are not so lucky  and in our cosmopolitan city life styles may never be fortunate enough to see a  wild white spirit animal in the wilds .

Divine  protectors and the Higher benigh powers   guiding humankinds spiritual evolution  recognizing that so many poeple on the planet live very urban lives  and many will  have very little  opportunity to connect to rare sightings  white spirit beasts in the wilds ,  These Higher beings  wanting to  bring their message   of hope and peace and  love and magic and joy  and positive transformation   a little closer to home for all the  city folk  Wouldnt it make sense then for these Higher Powers  to   consider sending in  their White Spirit animal messengers of inspiration ,hope,  love joy and magic  into our urban landscape  in  the form of our  beloved  family  pets  and fur babies  who can interact  intimately  and directly with us on a daily basis .

This certainly seemed to be the case with  Jasper the White Spirit  quantum diamond Doggie

Let me tell you a little more  of my adventures with Jasper .  I had seen his photo  in an ad his owner Susie had posted  for a sitter on a housesitting agency I work for  and he looked soooo  forlorn  I had replied to the ad telling Susie  I felt I could put a smile on Jaspers Dial but as it turned out  hands down it was Jasper who  put a smile on mine or maybe we were just what the doctor ordered for each other .

When  I was first introduced to Jasper  he put his huge paws on my shoulders  and proceeded to lick me in a most effusive and well rather over familiar fashion and my initial reaction was hmmm ?  OMG What have I let myself in for here  ?.The sheer size of him was daunting . He was super shaggy and a little bit scruffy with slightly stained hair around his jaw line .His tousled hair  fell endearingly into his soft  comical twinkly  expressive eyes .We stood together on the verandah leaning over the rails  Jasper  on his hind legs  his paws up on the rails easily as tall as me each other companiably  getting to know one another  as I patted him and  scrunched his ears  his owners  raced around packing and getting ready for their flight 😊


Taking Jasper for a walk for the first time  totally shook me out of my comfort zone. We barrelled along with Jasper tugging and straining at the lead  totally seemingly oblivious  that there was someone else at the end  of it  e.g.me.   Within the first few blocks  old ladies were smiling and me and shaking their heads sympathetically  saying “He’s definately taking you for a walk love isn’t he  ?”  and indeed he was  I had to be a bit stern with him  and it was a few walks before we  fell into a more comfortable  pace with each other  .

I noticed he had been trained in that at each intersection  when we needed to cross the road  he would sit and look up at me expectantly as if waiting for me to telling when to cross  which was a blessing as at least I didn’t have to worry about him crossing the roads

However  in every other aspect he was full on  sniffing every bit of available pee mail he could get his nose on , adding his little tinkles to the conversation as he went  and proceeding with absolutely no sense of regard for other peoples social and personal boundaries .He would barrel up enthusiastically  to every  pram and stroller he came to much to the initial alarm of some parents .He would chase  every kid on a skateboard ,Sniff the butt  and try to make friends with every dog we passed ,cavort into the middle  of groups of strangers  and couples putting  his nose into other peoples  business but in such a good natured friendly and enthusiastic and engaging way  way  people couldn’t help but smile and  comment .

. I couldn’t help feel if he was a kid he definitely  would have been diagnosed with ADHD  he was somewhat hyperactive and  into every bodies business .However  his gentle  affectionate friendly  comical nature  combined with his  huge shaggy  presence made him an adorable gentle giant  who was a total blast to spend time with  .

When I took him to the oval where people let their dogs off the leash he would immediately barrel up  to whatever game of   football or volleyball was in progress greeting the players like long lost  brothers  chasing after the ball with no thought  of whether he’d even be invited to play much less  what side he might be playing for. He was like that loveable gate crasher at a  wedding That Owen Wilson character someone  neither the bride or the groom can recall even  knowing much less inviting but hes such good entertainment value they decide to let him stay anyway

Jasper  was such a good natured and guiless creature and an unusual looking doggie   people just warmed to him  and he brought out their smiles  .At first I was mortified and  apologizing abjectly left right and centre to folks  for his rather presumptuous behaviour  but gradually relaxed  as I realized  people although sometimes startled  by this gangly exuberant  beastie bowling up to them like a long lost friend ,for the most part they really didn’t mind .

Myself  I had such a good time over in that part of the world  while minding Jasper .I felt immediately  thoroughly included  and accepted socially  People seemed to smile at me everywhere we went  and I felt very much at home there in the Cleveland shire .Though my arm did feel sore and tired from  his constant tugglng at the leash and  I definatly needed a massage at the end of that first week .

I did try to brush Jasper but  it didn’t do much  to improve his  scragamuffin look and I liked to think of him as ‘shabby chic’.I felt like he was a totally high class  dude  making the best of the   earthly situation he was assigned to . Indeed although he had started out roughly what I would call a dirty  white at the start of the sit by the time   we had  gone on our walks to the beach and the oval and he had been swimming in the ocean and in the pool and  ecstatically wallowing and rolling in grass and dirt and mud and sand he was definitely  more grey and brown than white by the end of the sit  and very much in need of a visit to the groomer .

I would have loved to have seen him  all freshly shampooed and ‘juushed’ but sadly didn’t get that privelege  as his appointment with the groomer was scheduled  for the day after my departure from the sit .

Jasper got me out of comfort zone too about  my own perceived physical limitations from the second day of the sit  when instead of a sedate little stroll around the neighbourhood  I  envisaged we’d be taking  I was so caught up in the  enthusiastic energy he generated  I threw all sense of my own  physical  limitations to the wind  and we were easily walking  the  5k return trip to the dog beach and back .The  sun shone the water sparkled   and we moved along buoyed up by the beauty of the day and the place and  our enthusiasms like two kids .The  dog beach was  a narrow strip  long the Manly beach front  at the end of  the marina It was a lot of fun  as soon as we got there I could mercifully let Jasper off the leash and give my tired arm a break he would bolt in to the ocean frolicking and gambolling with whatever dogs and people he  might meet in the ocean or on the beach

Sometimes we would stop at a  café   called Sea Vibes on the way back  for a much needed coffee  where the staff  were just lovely  and really looked after us They made a fuss of Jasper  and  let us sit in their  courtyard .

True  on the return trip  home  Jasper had to haul me up the  last hill up from the beach and I had to wait for him  while he sat in patches of shade  cast by tall fences of the houses we passed   catching his breath but we worked in tandem  and reached home exhausted   but happy .

Over the time of the sit I slowly felt my cares melting away and a new much more positive mindset bubbling up from within .

In one of our dog beach walks  I met a lovely Swiss guy called Marcelle .We talked at length while Jasper gambolled and cavorted with whatever new doggie friends he had found on the beach  Marcelle was  a windsurfer whose whole career and sporting life had revolved around the  ocean He had been a master diver and diving instructor and also a sailor and had even taken part in the Sydney to Hobart yaucht races but he had been disenchanted by the politicking  involved in national yaucht racing and now preferred the solo sport of  windsurfing  telling me he enjoyed better being master of his own craft and if he stuffed up he was only answerable to himself .

Apart from the ocean Jasper also loved a swim in the  pool  but his pool antics totally cracked me up . If I was in the pool with him he proved to be a bit of a health hazard .He would  see me in the pool and swim towards me heading towards me as if I was some sort of  life buoy  which was a bit scary. You can imagine  given the size of the dog  and the weight of that shaggy water soaked coat this was not a good proposition  and he might easily have dragged me under . I had to keep my  eye on him  and my wits about me and somehow steer him towards the side of the pool  where there was a step he could rest on.

Jasper loved his cuddles  too  at night  he’d curl up near me  and just snuggle  pushing his head into me as if he was trying to get as close to me as possible and gazing at me imploringly  through those  bright  gentle loving twinkly little eyes .

For all his good looks though  and  many fine  qualities Jasper could still be  quite needy and demanding . Sometimes he’d want to be cuddling  or having me pat him  constantly and butt me with his head as if to say “more, more”  luckily the owners had mentioned one of the few commands they’d succeeded in teaching him which was  ‘on your mat’   a corner of the house  near the fireplace with a cool slate  floor  he would retreat readily  to when asked .I could employ this when I needed some breathing space

If I  needed to go out  Jasper  would  sometimes sit at the front of the house  on the steps of  Susies elegant white Queenslander waiting  patiently for me to get back and then go nuts in a frenzy of joyous recognition when he saw me  .

Jasper was such a sweet and good natured boy and when we were at the oval and he was racing around with the other dogs  I noticed  despite his size he was not an alpha doggie  .He didn’t try to dominate or lead the pack  or challenge the leader in any way but was just happy to  join in and  be part of the herd.

He did  enjoy a flirtation  with the most beautiful pale blond  golden retriever  called Ruby We had met Ruby and her owner while coming home from the oval one afternoon and Jasper was immediately smitten with Ruby and she didn’t seem to mind him either and the owner and I had our work cut out trying to keep the star crossed lovers from getting too entangled

Jasper was to get the chance for a closer contact  with Ruby though  as I mentioned to Ruby’s owner the oval as a great place  where plenty of owners  let their dogs off their leashes in the afternoons . The owner  hadn’t known about it and was grateful for this info as a new place to take  Ruby for walks and a few days later while we were at the oval  I  caught sight  of Jasper bearing down playfully on this gorgeous  retriever who was rolling submissively happily engaged in encouraging  Jaspers bold advances.Wow I thought to myself  that looks like Ruby  and then did a double take as I realized it WAS Ruby. I was really glad the two  dogs had had a chance  to frolic and play and take their friendship to the next level unfettered by  leashes with owners  on the end of them

At the end of the sit  Jasper did register his annoyance at my leaving though I didn’t have much time to spend with him  as I packed my suitcase preparing to leave   and raced around the house  doing a last minute bit of cleaning before I left . While I was outside  Jasper  got into  some easter treats  I had left out for the owners  and gobbled one up silver wrapper and all which didnt go down much of a treat with me .

Eventually though  once I was all packed  and ready to go ,the white doggie and   I sat in the sun on the front  steps of the house and said our goodbyes.The taxi was  running  late so we had plenty of time for a goodbye chat  It was a bit of a wrench saying goodbye to Jasper  knowing this time  I wouldn’t be coming back  but it wasn’t as sad as  some partings I have had  with other dogs. We had truly had our time in the sun together and pushed it to the brink  .I had given him of my best in time and energy and TLC  he had totally  rewarded me in spades  and taken me on a fun adventure  I had not expected  and I left the sit sunburnt  tired feeling strong and happy  in a positive mindset and still somewhat dazzled by this dog and the uplifting effect he had had on me for weeks after.

They say that dogs are here on the planet to help people understand and feel  unconditional love . I totally get that and having worked for sometime as a pet sitter know just how much people are attached to their dogs  and  how much they value their pets affectionate and loving input in their world.Many people  credit their dogs with keeping them sane  in a fraught and pressured world . One of my favorite shows on TV is The Dog House which matches rescue dogs  with their prospective owners looking for a new dog . it’s a heart warming show where people  are very candid in revealing their vulnerabilities  about  the emotional void they hope having  a new dog will fill in their lives .Part of the fun of the show is watching  as the dogs and prospective owners are introduced for the first time  and  speculating whether the  shelter managers have made a good match


There is a cosmic consensus too amongst the more esoterically minded that our dogs reincarnate with our families in different lifetimes both theirs and ours as we move through time and space as members of our soul tribe  and healers and teachers for one another Definately if a beloved pat has passed over My experience has been its not  hard to tune into their essence  and feel a sense of their spirits  close by and alive and well in some other dimension .I had a beloved cat called Happy Cat whose passing weighed heavy on my heart for a long time but eventually I realized just by thinking about him I could  tune in to his soul essence and break out in laughter  as I  felt the nearness of his spirt essence and  remembered his irascible cheeky spirit and outrageous antics .

The idea of pets reincarnating and travelling through time and space with us as part of our soul  tribe is beautifully  explored in the books and movies by the same name  A Dogs Purpose and a Dogs Journey by   American author  W Bruce Cameron ..so well worth watching for  any pet owner

But back to Jasper even though I acknowledge the role dogs in general play in offering us unconditional love I couldn’t help but feel  Jasper was born with an extra spin on the bow  as a healer  There was some thing about the white light he emanated  that for me was a whole other order of uplifting energy

To be honest I haven’t had that much  contact with pure white domestic fur babies other than  Japser so cant really comment as a generalization  about their healing powers over an above other domestic  critters

All I can do in closing is speak form the truth of my own experience of spending time with Jasper the Irish Wolfhound in telling you as I have said  basking in his high vibration and loveable presence gave me  me every indication that I was in the presence  of some sort of benigh alien or  angel  healer doggie or  domesticated ‘White Spirit Animal ‘ with a special message and commission  especially relevant for me  at a time when I needed it which left me in a very good  empowered restored and happy place  .

When the pupil is ready  the master appears hey  ?


Wendy Buss

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