Just loving my new home I’m sure by the worlds standards it is not grand but its been more than adequate for me .Its a lovely space with lots of light streaming in from plenteous windows and surrounded by lots of lovely trees with a great outlook and  has been a pleasure to be in and work in

I must admit after living in hotels for some months the idea of getting into housework once more as something of a novelty .Suddenly if I don’t make the bed it doesn’t get made and I cant call down to reception for room service and leave and the dirty dishes don’t magically get whisked away if I leave them outside my door .However  housework in this lovely house with its freshly painted floors and freshly laid carpet is really more a pleasure than a chore  and very easy to keep clean and I had a lovely time reconnecting with my stuff which has been in storage for so long getting everything out and finding a place for everything and everything in its place has been   wonderfully satisfying            

I have even been going crazy with buying household gadgets. Like a 20 year old something shopping for her glory box You should have seen me down at the shopping plaza with my  shopping trolley piled high with gadgets vacuum cleaner, microwave, food processor etc. Feeling like a regular Stepfords Wife

The other day I scored a brilliant electric wok at the local Salvo store in great nic complete with its instruction book

Now all I have to do is well cook .There’s immense pleasure anticipating the risottos and concoctions I plan to make using herbs from my garden but I must admit there are a few choice eateries here in Maleny and it is probably just as cheap especially with the price of organic produce to eat out as it is to cook at home but would love to have a go at whipping up a hommus

I smile as I look at all my kitchen appliances though feeling like I have done this the wrong way around  At the age I should have been laying away stuff in my glory box and dreaming of domestic bliss and white picket fences  I was sitting in a back booth of a café somewhere angsting over a piece of writing .

I have had a lovely stream of visitors coming to the house to share it with me  in the short time I have been here blessed to have met some beautiful people in the short time I have been here .Was delighted to be able to let one of my visitors who was faced with the task of cooking Christmas dinner for 16 people forage through my garden for herbs. Not ones I could take credit for planting but we found some of the  Simon and Garfunkels Scarborough Fair collection and since then I’ve been inspired to plant a few more Vietnamese mint, Chocolate mint to name a few .          I have enjoyed plundering the garden too for flowers to put in the house.So far I have found  blood red chrysanthenums ,vivid yellow kangaroos paws , agapanthus, daisys, roses grevillea and lavender      

The space is working well as an art studio too  and I have managed to complete the sketches for my book Theres An Alphabet On Your Head   and I’m really pleased with how they have turned out.Lots of fun and humour in writing these  . I have  made my main protagonist who was initially a man into an androgenous little figure who could be either male or female as really why should the blokes have all the fun ?

Now the pictures need to be rendered into colour .I have thought about doing them as mixed media a combination of collage and acrylic painting. I like the sturdier viscous quality of acryllics .I am loving the journey of exploring my visual arts skills  and also exploring the options to make my best choice  for printers, publishers and distributors marketing etc  .


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