I put this post up in a closed face book group I belong to recently and really enjoyed the heart warming response from other members in the group and couldn’t resist sharing it on my site ,
Here in Australia we have just had Valentines Day with all the u sual commercial hype and pressure to feel part of a loved up twosome you know buy the flowers the chocolates the dinners etc That’s all well and good if you happen to be in a romantic partnership but it does create feelings of ambivalence and perhaps exclusion and loneliness for people without a partner to celebrate this day with .Well yesterday someone mentioned to me that one of their clients had greeted them with Happy Palentines Day Love it .Pal get it ?So I would like to wish everyone

“Happy Palentines Day”


Robin Pechonis That’s beautiful, Happy Palentine’s Day Wendy. ??

Joseph E Trey Wendy Buss you make such a great point. Happy Palentine’s Day to you and the entire group. I don’t consider myself too much of a curmudgeon – but, I am not a fan of V-Day. I see know reason to make one day more loving than another.

Janet Jay (Just these flowers) I too had a moment of sadness to be alone. And to have no plans. But I decided I would not allow myself to get depressed by circumstances and too allow myself to enjoy small moments. We are never truly alone are we? ❤️. Happy Palentine day to you!! Much love and light your way

Wendy Buss HI Janet these flowers are pansies in a photo I took at one of our major country town (Toowoomba) annual flower shows in Qld Aust beautiful hey? Its actually Palentines day not Palestine day although that could be relevant too as Palestine is the place in which where Christ was born and he was a man of the people and his message a very inclusive one and you certainly are right we are never truly alone

Janet Jay Wendy oh wow you are in Australia! Yes very beautiful That’s right you have summer during our winter. I’m from San Diego CA but living in Saudi Arabia right now. Flowers here too ? autocorrects suck. I typed Palentine day. ??‍♀️

Julie Scott Love, love, love all these comments! YES – Happy Belated Palentine’s day to you all, pals & lovers, and to Palestine too 🙂 ….

Shazi Soylu In V-Day l send all my beloved ones V-Day-Cards. Mother, Sister, Brother, Friends ???

Ceri Connie Ridenour My blog was about loving yourself and doing things like making yourself a nice dinner, giving yourself flowers and candy etc. If you truly love yourself then you can be open to love others and the Universe will send you a special someone. The Univers…See more

Wendy Buss  You are blessed I am so  happy for you

Jeevan Shikha Chawla Love it???❣️


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