I haven’t written much of late as I have been very conflicted  wondering how to even function as an operational and responsive human  being in the current  very fraught  landscape


Sunflower  at various stages of unfoldment ( Yandina  Mansions )

On the one hand  I have been enjoying visiting some really  beautiful places taking lovely photos  and  having in mind   a proposed upcoming photo exhibit  at the  Sunshine Coast  Libraries system  which aims to showcase and celebrate the flora and fauna of  some of the lesser known natures sweet spots here on the Sunshine Coast     but with everything going on  wondering  is it self

indulgent to be concerned with one art at such a time  ?

Sunflower magic  (Yandina mansions )

I figure one has to keep a balance and nature as always has been my solace and  my comfort as I am reminded  despite so much ugliness and madness going on   this is still a very beautiful world  and to celebrate it through ones art  is to remind others  we have a beautiful planet to fight for


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