Greetings from Yeppoon

Wow  life seems even more surreal than normal  if thats possible with all the  strange  chaos and turbulance  going on in the world at present Here I am on the beautiful Capricorn Coast high upon a hill  in Yeppoon with stunning views  out to the Keppel Islands . The weather has been idyllic  although its a hot one today and the dogs and I are inside and grateful for the airconditioning

The  dogs in my care are the lovely Lexi  a part Husky  I have devoted a whole story to  upcoming in my story  tab and two  rescue  puppies Frankie and Oliver .I have nick named the hounds from hell They are each several kilos of pure  unadulterated instinct  .They barrell at you for food cuddles clamouring all up your legs with their sharp little nails   and  know no self control have never had any discipline or have learnt the world NO  Its a revelation to me to be with beings who have no fear  have never learnt the word no,see no reason to practice  any self restraint  and are just full force instinct for whatever they feel compelled to  .When you pick them up and  hold them though      they settle down and cuddle in your arms peacefully  and cover your face with licks and kisses so the little devils do have their redeeming qualities luckily.




Frankie                                                                                Oliver

These little demon Hounds  do have their redeeming qualities

This is a dreamy mystical  magical part of the world  .You live close to the elements  close to the landscape .Nature is an integral part of everyday life .Lying  on one of the bendy chairs  sunbaking in Yeppoon  and gazing out  to sea  I  gaze up to  see two  wedgetails eagles  circling above me  .

Yesterday I swam in the ocean  which was like stepping into a tepid warm bath  .I love the distinctive greenish tinge to the aquamarine blues of the ocean up here .Yesterday I discovered from a local that this colour can be attributed to the fact that   the oceans are shallow in these parts and the wind stirs up currents which pick up sand which  affects the colour of the water .Ah so thats why  !!

Also where I am staying at dusk literally millions of bats fly overhead on their silent nightly migration to wherever it is they go at night

View from the front verandah

This morning  I took the dog for a walk  and  we checked out the local cemetery . The oldest grave there was created in  1888   belonging to a fisherman who died  in some sort of boating accident . I am  mesmerized by the fact the cemetery is strewn with dozens of shiny  black crows feathers  which some regard as an omen  a portent of connection with the spiritual realms  and  a prediction of powerful changes perhaps  which certainly would ring true for the deal souls at rest in the cemetery  as they  make their transition back to the otherside  in their evolutionary journeys  on the souls eternal journey through time and space  .Today I notice a couple of crows sitting up high in one of the gum trees and  an actual crows nest so maybe they sit there as guardians  and assistants to the souls journeying over to the other side .

                              Bushstone Curlews   ( photo  courtesy of  peek designs  )

Today also when walking the dog  at the cemetery I was thrilled to see   two bush stone curlews  God they are so wierd  on their long  stick like legs and their strange markings and  silent swift  inscrutable  ways of moving  along  .These birds also  funnily enough are associated with the afterlife  with the strange piercing screams they make  at night  sounding like lost souls or banshees crying out

Roslyn Bay Marina  and Kemp Beach

I love the Marina around at Rosslyn Bay  too .Such a friendly social place  with the comings and goings of the yaughts  and people gathering for cruises   out to the Keppel islands   Its a very cool place  to sit ,chat, have a meal and their  bistro style restaurant /cafe serves the best meals  at really reasonable prices .I have been for a  cruise on a  private yaught around the Keppels with some poeple I met a couple of years ago  and I am hankering to  do it again . They are stunning beautiful amazing  ancient timeless landforms

The people I am housesitting for Tony and Vicky    actually used to run a sailing cruise yaught across to Keppel island called ‘The Grace’  which went out  from the Rosslyn Bay  Marina .They have moved on to other things now  and they themselves  like to do a bit of housesitting  .

Meanwhile  down in Brisbane  there is chaos and devastation as really bad floods have hit and so much of Brisbane and surroundng areas is under water.As if  what everyone has gone through the lockdowns , the forced mandates,the  job losses ,social isolation the potentially dangerous vaccines  wasnt enough ?.

Because  of being saturated with  Covid BS and  a pro mandate push I really just moved away from watching maintstream TV  and did a catch up  yesterday  to  see news about the floods  and  that there is also a  war happening in the Ukraine  …….

It hardly seems possible  that all this is happening all at once on the same planet  ……  I believe Higher hands have it all in their sights but  really  when is enough enough now.?….

Graham Hood is my hero if ever you needed to know what an earthly angel looks like There goes one  he is grounded in his christianity and makes no secret of it This is such a wise sane beautiful   savvy man  who is crystal clear on  what the issues are that need to be addressed with the way our country is being run  to restore our soverign freedoms  and some sort of government run on rightful  circumstances He is a man of the people  a man for our times  steering the masses towards the light of a new day  here in Australia .

Graham  Hood

Check him out on Face Book  .Check his interviews with  Johnny .If you want an update on whats happening  in politics going on with the mainstream media ,want to keep posted and updated with the latest protest actions taking place  want a bit of a chuckle and to keep a sese of humour in the madness that prevails  , and a bit of hope and inspiration and then Graham  Hood is your guy


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