Watching Out For The Miracles

Written by Wendy Buss                                                                                          August 2017

‘God/dess is alive………….. Magic is afoot ( title inspired by Buffy Saint Marie)

In the last few weeks magic had seemed in short supply We had had almost two weeks of storms and a seemingly endless succession of increasingly tedious days of overcast heavy grey skies and non stop rain as I struggled with some health problems and some difficult karmic configurations with loved ones more seemingly complex and convoluted than a Rubix cube which I needed to put into the too eggs basket and constantly surrender to a Higher Power .

At such times hope seemed in short supply and I was given to wailing and wringing my hands and rolling my hands to heaven with a Light workers lament the Angels must surely be only too familiar with

“Beam me up Scottie ! |I wanna go home where I will report mission aborted due to unfavourable conditions .Permission to stay there and rest with God and the angels .Request a return at a more favourable juncture say 200 years from now ”

In such time it had seemed very easy to give into pessimism and yet as the storms drew to a close and the grey skies lifted and the sun broke through in a moment of honest reflection I could see that even in times which had seemed fragile and uncertain for me actually miracle after miracle had been unfolding for me under my very nose and the evidence in the affirmative very strong for the notion that ‘God/dess is alive and magic is afoot ‘ and Heaven had been trying to show me something .

It was only today when I experienced the most outrageously silly joyful magical little syncronicity that I was pulled up short in my nihilistic thinking and could do naught but break out in a broad and beaming smile as I had to hand it to the Higher Consciousness that perhaps Spirit and the Angels had it all in hand after all and I really could relax because Heaven had my back .

In an attitude of gratitude then and as a tribute to Heaven’s kindness , I would like to share this silly magical little syncronicity with readers which was such a light bulb moment for me ……..

I had gone to a major craft retailer to buy some earring clasps I had some very pretty earrings which I wanted to covert from wires to clasps and I headed to the earring findings section only to find that sadly they didn’t seem to have the clasps I was looking for .I inquired with the salesgirl who told me the item I was looking for was sold out and on back order and would probably be in stock in a few weeks time .

I was disappointed but somewhat compensated when the sales girl upon hearing I was a member of the store handed me a belated 10 dollar birthday voucher to spend on anything I liked in the store

Cheered by this unexpected largess I decided if I couldn’t by the earring clasps I had come for I might like to purchase some wools instead and I headed over to the wool section of the store, where being a mad keen knitter I must tell you reader I am like a kid in a candy store with so many gorgeous colours and textures and yarn combinations to choose from .

As I moved around the wools section I caught sight of what is my favorite brand of wool which draws me like a moth to a flame .It is a soft sumptuous blend of wool /angora and acrylics which is produced in a range of beautiful variegated colours

As I stood there fondling the beautiful yarns deciding which colour palette to go for and thinking what I would make with it when suddenly I was pulled up short and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing .Right there in the wool department on the stand which contained my favourite wools hanging on a tiny hook was a single packet of the very earring clasps I had come to the store to buy

I was gobsmacked . What was a single packet of earring clasps doing over here at the other side of the store in the wools section and not only the wools section of the store but the very stand which held my favourite brand of wools ?

Obviously it was waiting for me !!!!I broke out into a broad beaming smile and laughed out loud as I realized what was going on .Clearly the angels were having fun with me

During a week when I had felt in need of comfort and reassurance and something of a Sign from above ….here was my little sign from Heaven

I couldn’t imagine that a packet of earring clasps sitting in the wool section of a craft retailers would hold too much significance for too many people and really a sign is only as significant as the meaning the beholder attributes to but to me it was a miracle ; a stroke of Divine Genius orchestrated just to offer me the comfort and reassurance I needed .I felt was being shown that Spirit had it covered and the Angels were interested in even the smallest details …..and yes indeed Heaven had my back ..

I marvelled at the timing and ingenuity of it all a single pack of the very item I had come to buy but was told the store had sold out had turned up sitting right on my favourite wool stand but sometimes its better not to try to second guess Divine intervention and synchronicty .

Sometimes we think of or pray for Heavens help as grand sweeping gestures coming in a the last minute to avert disaster or change the course of Destiny . Life can seem indeed at times to roll on the toss of a coin and it can change dramatically over night .However in this instance perhaps I was being shown in a whimsical fun silly joyous way I was being held in Heavens embrace and the Angels were interested in even the smallest details of my life

As I got to reflecting on that last month when I had been feeling fragile and sighing and wring my hands and rolling my eyes to Heaven I suddenly realized that under my very nose a larger miracle had also taken place. A really lovely new home had come in for me with ease and grace through a series of miracles ….in a way that was quite magical .How important it is to keep an attitude of gratitude and count our blessings ……

In this modern day world filled with worries and stresses and pressures how easy it might be to forget that we indeed part of a loving magical playful universe and Higher Consciousness which I believe always ultimately has our best interest at hand and works to serve our spiritual evolutionary progress and highest interests even if we cant make too much sense of the challenges at the times often looking back in the wider context of the bigger journey of our life story events start to make better sense ….

I encourage readers to keep a constant look out for the miracles unfolding in your lives day to day those, magical little syncronicities and carrots dangling , offerings of grace and love and ingenuity that assure you that Heaven has you in her sights and yes indeed ‘God/dess is Alive and Magic is afoot……….’

Love and Blessings

Wendy Buss

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