Wow !   So here it is  ….my newly formatted  website complete with  its  new shopping cart  to coincide with the publication of  my new children’s book ‘Creme and Caramel’s Big Adventure

I’m  SO EXCITED  !!!!! 

This is a 48 page  landscape children’s story and picture book  with 22  full colour paged illustrations    for children aged 4 -9 years

It tells the story of two brave little guinea pigs called Creme and Caramel  who are brought inside the house by Wendy the Housesitter  during a storm . The two guinea pigs whilst enjoying a night of luxury at the Laundry Basket Hotel, suddenly find themselves staring into the jaws of almost certain death  when Ty the maurauding household moggie hungry and cross and looking for his dinner, comes across these unexpected little house guests  far from the safety of their  cage and gets to thinking a guinea pig or two  might make for a nice little appetizer

The two guinea pigs are suddenly needing to dig deep to find reserves of courage and nouse and quick thinking  they never  knew they had to stand up to the bullying Ty,avert disaster and live to tell the tale

Creme and Caramels  brave plucky can do spirits  and positive attitude not only saves the day but earns them rewards a plenty

This heart warming charming and funny story  sends a clear  antibullying message to children  and at the end of the book  there is even a special message of encouragement  for  kids  to  not only say NO to bullying but to  reach out for the support they need to stay safe  and there is a resource included of childrens helplines in different countries across the world children can access through

The book will be available in both soft cover and hard cover  and for more details about the  story and how to order  .  Please click on the SHOP button on the homepage and then click on the book or options box

If you would like  a personally  signed  copy  of the book  addressed  to a particular child  please email me using a contact form from this website with your details

The Ebook and  Print on Demand version  will also shortly be available in online book shops.

A very big  Thankyou to to Anjan from for his amazing professional and endlessly patient  input in helping me  with the recent upgrades to my  website   .











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