Clock Tower  Launceston

Wow on the weekend I seemed to manage the impossible I had to look through what must be around 15.000 photos to create a  short and maybe list of  20-30 photos for an upcoming photography  exhibition at my local library

I knew in my heart the ones I wanted and managed to find most of them on the hard drives

I managed to short list  100 photos and now just have to reduce this to 30  Realize its a process where you have to be ruthless and make judgement calls for photos that best suit the theme of the exhibition which means discarding plenty you would love to share

So then here is a sneak preview of some of my top 100 which will eventually be available for digital download through Etsy




Beautiful Bloom Roma Street Parklands Spring 2018


View from Brisbane Town Hall Clock Tower




Ducks at Hyde Park  Mt Lawley  W.A.


Ariel view of   Coastal Cliffs Kalbarri


Crystal Towers Surfers Paradise

City Park Launceston ………

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