Fishy Tails  

I had the most amazing experience  whilst out  in the Noosa National Park recently  both fishy related  .I had  taken a walk along the  stunning and beautiful coastal  trail  from  Hastings street Noosa to Dolphin Point  and was really  pleased to see a pod o f dolphins swimming and playing right at Dolphin Point . I did sadly witness  an act of utter stupidity by a couple of boaters .The dolphins actually came in  very close to shore and a paddle boarder was  clearly keen to get up  close to them and gently and silently and respectfully paddled towards them .A speed boat caught sight of  the dolphin action thought they would come in for a closer look and noisily sped right up to where the dolphins were not thinking to keep a respectful distance and cut their engines as they moved in closer . Quite predictably much to my disappointment (and the paddleboarders no doubt) the dolphins disappeared altogether .

It was a super hot day and after the  2 k walk  from  Noosa I  was really ready for a dip in the ocean  and stopped off at one of the little bays for a swim on the way back  .The water was very calm  refreshing and beautiful  hardly a wave in sight and crystal clear . As I swam in about waist high water  suddenly I saw myself  surrounded by these rather large fish lots of them . They were about  15 or 16 inches in length .Usually they  were the sort you might see swimming by in a shoal but no  these ones  were checking me out surrounding me in a circle  and coming in for a closer inspection . It was a little freaky  .  They were actually quite pretty silver coloured  and transparent looking  with black eyes and black  tail tips and  I actually could have reached in  and pulled out a couple for dinner they were that close  I felt somewhat beseiged though given the sheer size of them and started shooing them away.A lady came up to me and commented that she thought they might be drawn to my positive energy .I felt they were checking me out as if I was some sort of alien creature and  something quite  unfamiliar to them .


Actually at the beach  another interesting synchronicity occurred .I had that morning as I read  a local paper  noticed that one of our prominent local  musos Andrea Kirwin  was giving her last  Tracey Chapman  concert that night after her Australia wide tour .I love her as a performer and  I would have loved to have gone to the concert and lamented the fact I wasn’t organized to go to . Anyway I got talking  to a guy at the beach telling him about my close encounter with the fish  .As it turned out this bloke was a musician called Tom West  who had travelled over from Adelaide with  another folk musician  called  Lucinda R  and they were  performing with  Andrea  at another concert planned for the following  night at Andreas studio ‘Peace Run records’ .  Small world !!


Andrea Kirwin     Photo taken by Charlotte Evelyn 2022   ( Courtesy of Andreas  official website )

One other lovely thing that happened  was that as I walked to Noosa  following the coast and looking out to see I noticed a pod of dolphins  travelling  just a little up ahead  almost parallel to me as I walked  .  We travelled thus all the way back in to town  Each time I looked out to sea  there they were just in front of me. It was a beautiful sight. A few other poeple were also  following their course and taking photos as they went .I couldnt help but  stop  survey the serenity and beauty  of the scene  at sunset and give thanks for the dolphin. I felt blessed that they had seemed so close by  and an almost constant presence for me that afternoon  and I knew also they have lifted  many other poeples spirits and brought joy and excitement and pleasure to quite a few other  visitors that day as well . God Bless                                             

Noosa Dolphin Safaris    Photo courtesy of  Noosa wild dolphin safaris.

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