Wendys wise woman fairy elder


I spent the most beautiful morning at a needle felting workshop today playing ,creating, indulging my imagination and expanding my creative skills and meeting other lovely crafty folks both young and oldish .

Our teacher Rosemary  is really like the good fairy at the Christening with her long flowing locks and otherworldly air and kindly nature She herself makes the most divine and magical creations .She lives in the ranforest and one can imagine her there sitting in her mudbrick home, tuning into the fairy realms , manifesting and bringing forth  the most sublime fairies and woodland sprites guaranteed  to lift the spirits,   delight the senses and transport one to realms of magical and enchanting possibilities .

Today our assignment was Owls 


Otto Owl  by Wendy

As a teacher Rosemary  apart from starting us off with a few basic guiding steps insists we give full free reign to our individual creative impusles and and everyones creation was so unique and different…… In such a class you really get to appreciate how much innate talent people have .Not just one or two but everyone in the class .Awesome !! The childrens creations were especially beautiful and innovative 



Janet’s Owl


Pictured here are my two creations created so far Otto Owl and a fairy elder wise woman and  an  owl creation by Janet  another of the course participants and  below two of Rosemarys magical  creations .

Apart from running workshops Rosemary makes her creations to order and a gallery of her work can be seen on ETSY at feltlove4u.etsy.com ………     YOu can also contact her on her email at 



Fairy nest  by Rosemary Mitchell at feltlove4you.etsy.com



Enchanted Soft Sculpture Playscape  by Rosemary Mitchell

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