On the weekend  I was massively inconvenienced  by sudden unexpected lockdowns  My plans  were  disrupted and thrown into turmoil .  I couldnt do the things I had planned to do .I was put to great discomfort having to stand and wait in line for over an hour  for tickets to this art exhibit  and watched as the 3 hours  window of viewing pleasure I had allowed  for a trip to the European Masters Art Exhibit  at Qgoma  dwindled to just  1 hour and 55 minutes  all becuase  of the art galleries changed staffing plans due to Covid

Galloping through over 550  years of art history and 65  world masterpieces in less than 2 hours  was no mean feat even though  ironically  the art gallery didnt mind still charging the same price for the ticket  even though they  cut into peoples viewing hours and presumed too much  on poeples time  and  capacity and willingness  to stand in line  and wait

Then coming home after  feeling feint and sick  from breathing in too much carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen  I took  my mask off to walk back through  Roma Street parklands to my hotel   and was harrassed by some bloke walking his dog for not having my mask on  Well……. he picked the wrong girl right in that moment  ….and got an earful  I’m sure he wasnt expecting  but maybe he went home a little wiser and better educated for daring to  bother me as he did

I blame Annastazia   Palaszczuk and thought about billing her for every hour of inconvenience  and discomfort  and unpleasantness and loss and stress and worry   I have been put to so far with this covid business  . I thought about adding up all the hours  and sending her an invoice requesting financial compensation  for all of the above ? .What if we all did ? How would that be ? Do you think that might make them these high handed freewheeling polis who deign to control increasingly more and more aspects of our lives  stop and think ?

Imagine if everybody who is fed up  with having their movements restricted , their  businesses disrupted ,their social lives thrown in to chaos who feels bloody ill from breathing in carbon dioxide rather than fresh air decided to send a bill requesting to these  highhanded freewheeling politicians being dictated to  by so called medical advisors in the pay of  big pharmaceutical interests and bringing them back to earth by  forcing them to think about  the implications of the  chaos they are creating . Do you think it might make then stop and think ?Why do they think they have the right ? It is quite simply outrageous.

Why isnt it logical ?

If you have a few sick people from Covid 19 you isolate and contain and quarantine them .You do NOT  bring the nation to a stand still and try to penalize and stomp on the freedoms of  the rest of society

There is a war being waged and the price is  our soverenity our freedoms  our  ultimate health and well  being   if we want our freedoms back then we have to speak up  .   We need to speak out

So then I know people reading this  who are too steeped in the mainstream media narrative  are going to  try to come down on me  with all this ‘ keeping people safe’   and ‘doing the right thing spin’ but I have my reasons which are for me valid and legitimate   and I am happy to explain my position

Why are we so bloody  ready to  fall into line   and do the right thing when quite simply we are being lied to and duped and trust me despite how it looks


I invite people to take a visit to Bit Chute a social media platform  which will  host  videos which the mainstream  social media platforms  have censored  where there is  a wealth of  other information about whats really going on  with this COVID thing   from some very well credentialled intelligent discerning well qualified   people across the world and across  a variety of different  scientific and  medical and philosophical and media fields ?

I would particularly like to invite people to go to BIT CHUTE and dial up  Del Bigtrees at the High Wires   interview with  Dr Mike Yeadon    former Vice President and Chief  Scientific Officer of Phizer Pharmeceuticals


Trust me if you are ready for a paradigm shift  in what is really going on with this Covid thing  then this is a man you cant afford not to listen to.  His  presentation and his OM resonates with integrity as he lays down some  very well researched  cold hard facts of scientific fact  and clearly outlines all the  ways  people en masse are  being lied to and duped and treated like bloody idiots

I have to stop writing right now  as I have a suitcase to pack  and a train to catch but I am going to come back to this post and outline for readers very clearly  some of Dr Yeadon’s  salient points as he lists  all the ways in which


I will be back  to   comment further  .Watch this space and I encourage others   if you know something  isnt right      speak up and speak out and encourage others  to do the same  …….

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