Emu Park Idyll


I am really captivated by the beauty and serenity and laid back lifestyle of the Capricorn Coast as I have journeyed North  up the coast in Queensland and decided to tarry a little longer here

I am captivated by the calm turquiose azure waters  which each time I have plunged into I have  been delighted to discover are the temperature  of a luke warm bath gently lapping the sandy white beaches land  lined with Casuarinas and Palms  .Out to sea as you move along the coast are little pudding shaped islands  part of the Keppel island chain .  The aboriginal presences are palpable .

For me  its an important revisiting of my past of evoking  holiday memories as a student at Capricornia Institute  of Advance Education in Rockhampton many years ago  , recalling a memorable holiday in  beautiful  Stanich Bay with a college girl friend and memories flooding back   when my boyfriend Peter and I rode on his motorbike to Yeppoon on the weekends and he dragged me across sun scorched rocks to bake while he fished .


                                  View from  balcony in Bright Street …….Emu Park 

When I decided to tarry here a while longer the Universe has delivered me a lovely little holiday house high on a hill in aptly named Bright Street From here I have sweeping views up the Emu Park coastline and I am looking directly across the Great Keppel Island and I have already waxed lyrical about the beauty that resides there in a previous post .

From here one of my delights is to watch the red tailed black cockatoos that congregate down in the park on the beach where they noisily feast on and make a mighty mess of the pine cones .You stand in very real danger of being hit on the head by a pine cone if you stand underneath the pine trees to watch them From my verandah  I can watch as gangs of these raucous rascals free wheel across the sky shrieking and squawking to one another celebrating their freedom as if they know they are living completely outside of any system of rules we could ever try to impose on them and They are so magnificent to watch  perhaps they are clarion call to our own wild spirits that yearn for a greater freedom of expression .

I hate seeing birds in cages I hate it with a passion I reckon a cage is not where any bird belongs .

From this house in the mornings from the front verandah   I get glimpses of a most magnificent sunrise coming up  from behinds the Keppel islands in the East and then from the back of the house  an equally magnificent sunset going down behind the hills over near Yeppoon in the evening

Sadly I don’t have my camera which I lost in Maryborough and which I am waiting to organize to replace 

The Singing Ship       Emu Park                             Pic courtesy of Instarix   repost@pnl photography  

In  the distance down in the township of Emu park in the evening   I can see the Singing Ship a memorial to Captain James Cook with its rainbow coloured ever changing lighting .This curious structure is shaped like a sharks tooth and in its cavernous enclave boasts three very thick taught wire strings which vibrate in the wind issuing worth continual ghostly sounds evoking  ocean mysteries whalesong and shipwrecks and mermaid siren calls …….not unpleasant to sit a while on the hill  in Emu Park  at sunset and listen to  its hauntng refrain while contemplating  the surrounding  ocean views  .


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