Easter Hols

Well up early packing to go down the coast for Easter…….Excited staying in a  beachside apartment  at Kings Beach  …….though so much packing  ……..paints and painting paraphernalia  ,…….laptop ……..I started a new diet recently so gotta take all the supplements and the naturopath even suggested I pack the bathroom scales in my suitcase ????   …..all very well except travelling by bus to get there .So dont want to be too loaded up  for travelling

This diet has made me feel very reflective and close to Spirit  feel there are big shifts going on for me in my life beyond my control  ………….Wish I could say more   but life unfolds as it needs to I guess

I love Easter so much better than Christmas  its a time of hope and new beginnings not nearly as crassly commercial and overwhelming    the weather is starting to change and there is a crisp bite in the air  as we move well and truely into Autumn now …..

The young lads from up the road came to help me in the garden yesterday..such cool young men They proudly showed me the amazing ironwork they had forged as one of the guys dads has something of a blacksmiths forgery on his property

Looking forwards to doing some more painting at the beach .When you are painting something meant for  children’s enjoyment  you don’t try to recreate the great masters  or be profoundly technically perfect as much as think to yourself  how would children enjoy this scene ?. As I paint I think of all the many story times I had with the kids as a teacher as they sat on the carpet and I would read them stories I think about what they would respond to in a picture all the funny quirky seemingly little insignificant details which would catch their eyes and they’d point out and as I paint  I am all about creating a feeling of  joy and exuberance in the picture I feel kids would respond to .


HAPPY EASTER TO ALL .  best wishes   Wendy


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