Divine Paradox and LIving in the Field of Grace

                                                                                                                                                    Wendy Buss


Seed Pod from Warwick

I love how Spirit works and suffice to say Spirit definitely has a sense of humour .In my recent trip to Warwick I saw the workings of Divine Paradox at play so that as the beginning of my trip seemed to lurch from disaster to disaster and I might have just hunkered down under the covers in my motel room  and given into eating copious amounts of chocolate and watching TV  and decided the Universe was conspiring against me  and decided travelling to Warwick  was an episode in my travel journey  best forgotten about .

For starters the bus broke down and we arrived in Warwick two  hours late which I have gone into some detail about on my blog article ‘What Happened On The Way To Warwick’  This meant that the art class I had booked in for  and paid for and which I went to Warwick specifically for I missed out altogether The taxi driver dropped my computer on its head and by some miracle it wasn’t damaged

I also left my phone in that same  taxi and when it finally came back to me a virtually brand new phone just wasn’t  working and hasn’t worked since .

When I had vented my spleen at whoever needed to be vented at and shook my fist to the heavens had gotten over my disgust at forces I seemed to have no control over  and just calmed down and decided to chill out and  go with the flow .I  gave myself a couple of extra days there in Warwick and gradually bit by bit a  lovely silver lining to my  tulmultuous grey beginnings  started to unfold ..

For starters even though the bus  had broken down and we ended up arriving at our destination  2 hours late I did meet  some lovely people and had  a riotously funny latter half of the trip filled with laughter  that never would have happened if the trip had gone to plan

The next day  as I was walking down the street to get to town determined to get in a bit of sight seeing at least I chanced upon a community hall  wherein the Warwick flower show was in full swing

It was simply a delight to behold .Warwick is actually famous for its roses and here the best in show were  proudly on show  set in dreamy colour combos in glass vases against backdrops of snowy white table cloths.

I’m a big sucka for a beautiful flower so suffice to say I took plenty of photos which are in my photo gallery ……(See Warwick Flower Festival)

Those beautiful blooms were indeed balm to my soul

However  I noticed I was still hanging onto  vestages of the grumps when later I went to a Thai restaurant for dinner and the waitress kept me waiting at the counter for rather a protracted period I thought  ‘Best not to keep the Queen waiting’ I smiled to myself  as I turned on my heel and left imperiously deciding I would take my business elsewhere .

Not to worry though as sometimes in accordance with the wisdom of Dougal the Garbage Dump Bear  ‘Sometimes  bad things happen so that good things can happen ‘ and just across the road I found a wonderful innovative eatery probably the hippest coolest eating joint in town . It was a place called the Blue Bird  and came about when one of Warwicks fine sons Warwick took himself off to the United States for to learn about American barbecuing and  smokehousing techniques  and brought his knowledge  back to Warwick  to share with his local community .There at the Blue Bird he offers a really  vibey  joint  fresh and interesting contemporary cusine which is proving very popular .

Post Bluebird my spirits and my equanimity  were restored and I was a bit more willing to let then the  magic in Warwick continue to happen  which it did. The phone that I  left in the taxi was a new fangled thing which needed a university degree to operate  and which I still hadn’t gotten the hang of so while I was waiting for its return I pulled my old faithful Samsung out of retirement and felt so much more comfortable and confident using it that I didnt stress too much when the new one boomeranged its way back to me eventually  and mysteriously wasn’t working and hasnt worked since.

The next day  my last day in Warwick  was jam packed and I had a ball I set out early in the day to photograph some beautiful old historical buildings but got a bit diverted when I came across a ladies dress shop which sold just the sort of loose fitting layered linen look I really love at good prices

I had to smile  as from the hidden recesses of the dressing room I could hear all the conversations going on at  the counter  between the sales ladies and the local ladies who popped in. It put me inmind of the scripture  which talks about the ‘women at the well ‘  discussing secret women’s business

In a relatively short time while I was trying stuff on I heard about who was having invitro fertility treatments and had successfully fallen pregnant and   who was getting married (actually the same person ) I heard about  whose husband was being a pain in the proverbial and who was buying what for her aunt .The sales ladies were such sympathetic listeners and good counsellors and genuinely rejoicing in their customers good news I have no doubt they effected many sales and had a very healthy bottom line .

Later that day as I headed down to the river  and took some wonderful nature shots particularly of  seed pods I plan to put in my  upcoming exhibition ‘ A fresh eye to local colour ‘I chanced upon a couple of painters Linda and Sue painting a mural  on one of the ablutions blocks at the bottom end of town. These were artists who were working with HEADSPACE an organization which works to support people struggling with mental health issues and they had obtained funding for the Headspace group  to go ahead with this mural Linda had designed it thematically to embrace and celebrate  the natural fauna and flora of the area rendered in fresh light contemporary colours and also paying homage to the indigenous inhabitants and forebears of the region

They allowed me to take some photos of them at work  and I was able to send them copies they might like to use for publicity and I will also include a reference to them and their lovely project in my upcoming  photography exhibition as well

I also managed a return visit to the Bluebird that day as well smoke house I went back to my  motel to meet  by chance the loveliest lady on reception called Laureen who as chance would have it was a natural therapist a subject area of immense interest to me and we had such a nice chat .

When I left Warwick the next morning I left with a calm heart and a restored spirit I gazed happily at the beautiful rural scenery stretching out before us as we travelled down the range  and I counted my blessings The words of a hymn  I had learnt when I was a girl came to me and I sang it  softly

marvelling at how   even though at least 50 years will have passed I remembered every word .

The hymn goes          I LOVE ALL BEAUTIOUS THINGS






Sometimes  I feel  the Universe must take perverse delight in unravelling our plans and seeming to give us lemons only to delight as we stand there grimacing in disgust going ‘what the’ in  showing us what fabulous lemonade delights it can concoct for us  far more exotic and refreshing and enjoyable and purposeful  than we might have conceived of for ourselves if we will but trust  in a Higher Power and see the carrots as they dangle .        ( see Wendys Wisdom latest entry) 

Love and blessings

Wendy B

Photo    Linda Stewart  and Sue Keong artists working  on a funded project with Headspace in Warwick .October 2018

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