Sometimes  I feel   Spirit, the Universe , God/dess  must take perverse delight in unravelling our plans and seeming to give us lemons only to delight (as we stand there grimacing in disgust shaking our fist towards heaven and  going ‘what the’ ) in showing us what fabulous lemonade delights it can concoct for us  far more exotic and refreshing and enjoyable and purposeful  than we might have conceived of for ourselves if we will but  ask for the Highest and the best  to unfold do our bit as we can and then  trust  in a Higher Power and see the carrots of intuition  as they dangle .

In the words of that wise and loveable character ‘Dougal the Garbage Dump Bear’ from the book with the same name by Matt Dray ‘ Sometimes bad things happen so that good things can happen ‘

After something seems to have gone terribly  wrong and you assess the situation   it may become readily and instantly apparent what the silver linings are leaving you standing with a big silly grin on your face  marvelling at he ingenuity or economy of Spirit or it may take months or even years to look back and make sense of why a certain thing went the way it did  I do believe as difficult as it is at times ,as challenging as the lessons might seem that ultimately God/dess  is working towards some higher purpose in our lives and we have to see beyond all the things seeming to be going wrong to see to the bigger picture of what might actually be going right  .

Take me recently I have been travelling around Australia this past 12 months and have seen some amazing countryside met incredible poeple and had some fun adventures but was  travelling without a car and no longer as young as I was  really starting to feel the strain of constantly being on the move  packing and unpacking  and the ever changing kaleidoscope of people and places  .I knew it was time  to stop a while put down some roots and connect with community  in a more ongoing way   but where ?  I sent a prayer to Spirit to help me find my next rightful  place to settle in   

But for a while there my sense of place  eluded me ,I love being in the city but only for a time  and while I totally enjoyed travelling through  beach and rural towns   none quite felt like home .A few places I tried to arrange a house to stay in and things just fell over .  I can tell you the challenges and despair  you feel under such circumstances . You certainly get to feeling you understand how the refugees must feel .Anyway still feeling rootless and increasingly anxious I arrived on the Sunshine Coast .It was then I got very clear  intuitive guidance to head up to Mapleton up in the hinterland of the Gold Coast the possibility felt light and joyous  and I knew I had to go so I booked a little rainforest cabin up there and the next day and headed up the range  

Once I got here and booked into my  cabin (I even qualified for a special choccis and wine deal )  and my soul seemed to rejoice in the peace and beauty of the place as I slept listening to the rainforest noises  all my soul filaments seemed to return  to their centre and I felt a real rightness about being here..and a deep sense of YES this is it  

I think you know when a place is right for you .The community seems to welcome you with warmth and friendliness and that was how it was for me my very first day in Mapleton .Friendly welcoming and helpful communication cane in from all directions They even offered me  a volunteers job at the local visitors information centre  

I should tell readers I have lived here before 20 or so years ago in 1997  I was in the region when I returned to the Qld Education Dept  after a 15 year break  as a contract  classroom music teacher.I rode a little Virago motor cycle and would sail across the range my spirit out there with the  elements and revelling in all this gorgeous scenery  going to the little rural schools to teach music .. My friend Alison lent me this huge oversize leather jacket with a peace sign spelt out in silver studs on the back  .  When I turned up for  music teaching gigs  on the bike sporting this jacket  the kids thought I was really cool whilst no doubt the principal saw me coming and probably groaned and trembled  .I was something of a square peg in a round hole in the Education Department esp 20 years ago  but I was very good at what I did teaching music to kids   and consequently kept pretty busy .   

But I had quite forgotten how beautiful this art of the world was and even seemingly more so after  all these years away  

Once I made my decision to bite the bullet and settle for a while things have moved quickly for things to fall into place   for me to find a new  home  up here .I  am moving to Maleny I called into a real estate in Maleny who have a wonderful reputation for decency and humanity and kindness  and a commitment to follow through with their clients   .They are amazing Conscious Real Estate Agents for the new millenium  .The lady I spoke to had keys to a new property which had just come on her books sitting  on her desk .They hadn’t even put it up on their website so she took me to look at it right then and there  . I was the first to see it .It was just right and ticked many boxes for me  Elevated, lovely garden ,plenty of trees ,light decore, freshly painted , large windows  letting in lots of light ,and affordable .

I feel so blessed and loved by the Universe …..I have been through some very tough challenges these past eight years and when Spirit lays down the red carpet for you to obtain something actually far far better than you even can imagine it restores your faith that Yes  God/dess is listening and perhaps  the Angels do have our backs afterall.

Also I love this  I read in Alana Fairchilds numerology book that multiple 4s in a number signify the angels have your back  Interestingly this real estates street number is 4/41  Now then if that wasnt enough the time  recorded on the email from the agency  that arrived congratulating me that my application on the place was successful  4.41 pm (without a word of a lie )        

So then I’m off shopping for furniture tomorrow .I saw a lovely beige couch in Vinnies in perfect nick  and was going to buy it but my intuition whispered to me .to wait and …that there is a lovely pink sofa  ( one of my  fave colours  out there waiting for me ).


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