Wendy Buss

Something happened to me this afternoon which has left me a bit overwhelmed and shaken which was both tragic but beautifui in a way there too and a learning for me and I thought I would share it with you

On my way to the shops this afternoon I saw a pigeon with a broken wing sitting in a disused shop doorway,He looked pretty defeated and in pain. His eye was dull and clearly he couldn’t fly and I got a sense of a being who knew he was in trouble and his days were numbered My heart went out to him.I made a note to call the animal rescue people when I got home

When I came out of the shop as I was about to cross the road and this same pigeon was coming across the road almost straight towards me .Suddenly this huge truck loomed up and I stood there horrified and frozen as I watched the front wheel miss the pigeon by a whisper and my heart was in my mouth as the second lot of truck wheels ran straight over the back half of the pigeon

I was very distressed as I could see the pigeon was still alive and turned to this group of young people nearby who were so amazing .They immediately prepared to take charge of the situation and get the pigeon off the road but as they prepared to do that the little creatures spirit departed and we saw that he was dead .I was very shaken up but very very relieved that the bird s spirit had flown and it was no longer suffering .I felt that the Divine had stepped in to save the day

There was also a very beautiful message from Spirit for me I marvelled at how the birds Higher self had actually chosen to depart this world and go to his death right in front of me almost as if to tell me his spirit had registered my concern for him and letting me know his suffering had ended and I didn’t need to worry about him anymore.

Thankyou for listening

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