12th  September  2022  Convoy to Canberra  Saturdays march to  Parliament house

Convoy to Canberra update  ……

Sadly the amazing  FB page  the 2022 official Convoy to Canberra   with 178k followers got taken down  just as the action  down there was getting exciting and jsut a s my letter to the editor went to print   .The same admin  did start up another FB group   and there were  a couple of other  legit groups  but also a couple of fake groups  filled with trolls and bots which was a bit confusing and disappointing   .Luckily I came apon   the Northern NSW   Convoy to Canberra FB page which has kept me updated with some great posts and   a really good cohesive  and  united and friendly vibe  present in that group.

The big day was the Saturday march to Parliament House  with 100s of 1000s of people who travelled in from all over Australia  taking part in  what even the mainstream media reported as a peaceful event  with only 3 arrests .


So  the seeds of change have been planted  ….. Graham Hood , Craig Kelly  Indigeneous activist Auntie Glenda and several others steering the protest action and representing different  concerned and disenchanted factions such as frontline  medical workers    were invited inside parliament house  and interviewed by a mainstream media channel   The interview was pretty good and  following this  the letters were  delivered to Sco Mo  and the Governer General  basically outlining the changes they were calling for  pronto  which included

(a) An immediate end  to all the mandates

(b)  An end to  wearing masks

(c)  Giving  people who’d lost their  their jobs their jobs back and offering compensation  to those who’d been deprived of theer livelihoods by the mandates and restoring peoples  basic civic  freedoms  and human rights

(d)  Allowing parents the right to choose  whether or not to vaccinate their kids

(e)  An amnesty for APHRA   medical workers  who have been threatened with  deregistration  if they speak up  about  their concerns of what they have observed and discovered  about Covid and the vaccines

(e)  Opening up the state borders .

I did learn some disconcerting news  myself  on a couple of fronts  one is that well  one of the top dogs at Aphra   is actually  Scott Morrisons brother  (keeping it all in the family  as they seem to do )

The other is that the current Governor General   actually earns  $10’000   and well I got to ask why when the country is in turmoil  and so many Australians are unhappy and up in arms why is he sittign on his hands and doing nothing  . What is he actually doing to justify his salary ?

I ended up writing him a letter and well this is what I wrote .Why if it gets past his clerical staff it might even be  waiting for him in his  intray this morning  .

“Your Excellency  I wonder if it has come to your attention that millions of people from all over Australia are camped out in the camping grounds of Parliament House  who have come from all over Australia to let you know  that our country is in crises  that  the people are not happy and in distress that the current government  has run completely roughshod all over the Australian constitution is disavowing and ignoring the bIll of human rights  and subjecting its citizens to a terrible tyranny of  coersion   and deprivation causing many  people to lose their livelihoods  and some very basic civic and human rights and simple daily freedoms and pleasure  throwing the economy into chaos  and trying to force parent to inflict an experimental vaccine  on to their children when top medical and scientific hard core evidence is coming in from all over the world  including by now up to 200,000 or more cases as cited to the TGA of cases of negative side effects and even deaths   associated with this  experimental MNRA  vaccine suggestig that the vaccines are in fact not safe  ?

Sir I have been told you earn  around  $10.000   a week as a salary working as a politician apparently in service to your country and to its peoples ?   Clearly  a state of emergency does exist   and I have to ask what is your response to that Sir  ?  Why are you sitting on your hands  and doing nothing to ease or ameliorate the situation ?  .When your country  such  disarray  and so many people are suffering at the hands of the current government and you alone constitutionally  have the power to  instantly create a change there  for the benefit and betterment of our country why are you sitting on your hands doing nothing  ?How is it sir you can justify your salary and quite frankly I wonder how you sleep at night  ?

Sir  Your Excellency which implies you should be of excellent and impeachable character resonating with charitable impulse and imbued with integrity and compassion and good will towards your fellow Austrlians  if you cant respond to this national crises  in a matter befitting both your  elevated station and your salary and in a manner which shows that you really do care  about your fellow  country men and women and  children and that you  really does have Australias best interests at heart then I’m sorry sir but you will need to step down from the position  and give it up to someone like Graham Hood who really does give a damn

Kind regards    Wendy Buss

One nearsighted bozo did write  on one of the Face Book pages that the Convoy to Canberra had been for naught  and nothing had changed  and the status quo  still remained exactly what it was but I dont agree   ………Something has changed   seeds have been planted  and a movement has been well and truely born

For the 100s of 100s of people who went to Canberra from all over Australa  and the 1oos of thousands more  watching form the sidelines keeping up with the posts and cheering them on many beautiful intrinsic outcomes were achieved .

Consider 100s of 1000s people coming together from all Australia ,from all walks of life ,in peaceful protest communicating , making new friends ,sharing ,trading information ,learning from one another showing that the beautiful spirit of camaraderie and mateship for which Australia is known exists in spades. Its truely exciting to see so many brave and caring people waking up and coming together to speak up and out against the tyranny of the governments abritrary illegal and ill informed and coersive rule over the last 2 years

beautiful to see so many everyday poeple waking up and standing up as standing up as true freedom fighters.  This wasdefinatlely   a landmark action which has generated a positive shift and a boost to the morale of many Australians and out of the tiny seeds that were planted eventually big change is going to come.

Remember federal elections coming up in March Do you think the polis wont be paying attention even if secretly to guage the mood of the poeple? Also if the current Govt still in power and governor general hasnt acted to earn the 10’000 a week salary he apparently earns to step in and use his constitutional powers to do something and the current govt is still in power at the next election ….I  recommend voting independent at the next election so we get a hung parliament and send a message loud and clear to the two major parties that we’ve had enough  .


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