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After nearly 2 months now succonded up in the Sunshine Coast hinterland as beautiful as the Maleny countryside is  ,I needed to remind myself that there was a bigger world out there than the  trees and grass  of my rural hometown   and   after a fit of the blahs  when some damn bush turkey got into my veg patch and dug up  loads of my new veg plants ( I managed to save most things but  the  rocket went in to shock and looked a sad limpy mess last time I saw it and the little carrot seedlings which were very tiny and just getting their little frondy leaves have bitten the dust  sadly )  After this  chaos and drama I   decided a trip to the city was in order to shake the cobwebs and   as I  write this I am sitting up on the sixth  floor at the Grand Chancellor  Hotel in Brisbane gazing out across a city that feels serene and rested  .   Really there was no better time to come .The hotel is only operating at 10 percent capacity so is very quiet and reasonably priced .There is a lovely relaxed vibe around town  Not too many poeple   and those who are out and about seem pretty relaxed and chilled and a bit more down to earth than usual…..   The air is clear and pollution free   .



The only thing missing really was a place to sit and have a coffee or a meal I managed to find a lovely spot in the Roma Street Parklands near my hotel   for breakfast and   if its not those bush turkeys the number of IBIS pestering you for  your scraps is probably in direct proportion  to the lesser number of poeple  available to them to scrounge from .Those long beaks freak me out  a bit and I did have a closer encounter with one than I might have liked when in Sydney Botanical gardens cafe some years ago an IBIS actually flew up on the table where I was sitting and took off with half of my toasted panini    straight off the plate…..  rude creature ………still overall for all their scary appearance with those long beaks  I do find them to be quite gentle greatures  who move along when you say “shoo “very firmly

                                              IBIS                            photo courtesy of

Also enjoyed some fab room service  as well   what better excuse to order room service  at your hotel than  the fact that all the  cafes and restaurants  are closed to diners in

I did spy a couple in a food court in town who had rather poignantly  spread out their coffees and  burgers and chips  and coffees on the top of one of those big silver food court rubbish bins in actually an rather elegant fashion as if it were a proper table …..  it made for a poignant and timely shot  and I would like to have taken a photo and named it        DINING OUT IN COVID 19 ……   but  despite humble  makeshift circumstances they generated  all the energy of a romantic dinner for two and I  felt a  bit shy to disturb them .

Oh yes I drank beer for perhaps the second time in my life.I thought I hated beer but drank a bottle from the mini bar  by mistake  when I thought it was some sort of tonic water and well it was a really expensive low cal type of beer and actually  it didnt taste too bad  .I did find too that I felt loose and light headed after downing a pint   and my artwork I got stuck into  after dinner   really flowed …. .  beautifully…. Hope this exerience wont turn me into a drunk …….


So have been really working hard to get my book to the next stage  .I swear its like building a house  Off to the printers tomorrow to check out the possible viabilities and drawbacks  of printing on recycled paper ……I figure I’ll be selling so many copies  of ‘Creme and Caramels Big Adventure’ I really need to be mindful of my impact on the worlds tree situation ,     I just read that Tolkein  gifted the world his literary masterpiece  ‘Lord of the Rings’ when he was 62 so theres hope for me yet …..


With all this down time watching some of my fave old time music videos recently The Doobie Brothers..What a fool believes ,and It Keeps You Running ….Janet Jacksons …..Runaway …….Princes  ‘Cream ‘and ‘Rasberry Beret’ and ‘Willing and Able’  Wow what incredible musicians we had in the eighties …..

I read that Prince such a consumate musical performer who died too soon  married a beautiful belly dancer from Peurto Rica  called Mayte Garcia   when she was 22 and he was 3 7 .Very romantic She is the dancer in his track ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ ..I  read an article and saw an interview where Mayte  revealed their only  child  was born with deformities and  lived only  6 days .  Very very sad .  Prince was by that time  a seventh day adventist  and when they were warned there were complications with the first pregnancy  he didnt allow Mayte  to  pursue further medical intervention preferring to rely on his religious faith  and possibly he blamed himself for the tragic circumstances surrounding their first child  .. When Mayte   miscarried  during a second pregnancy it all got too much for Prince and he withdrew from the relationship  .They eventually divorced  and he had the house that they had shared  burnt to the ground .She explained Prince never  liked to look back .  Judging by the interview she really is a beautiful person very smart and perceptive with a loving generous spirit . 



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