LOTUS  WELLBEING…. Alive and Well !!   I’m so proud of Jenny and all the folks down at the LOTUS WELL BEING  pop up centre Every week on a Monday  down at the  Cooroy  CWA Hall  ,a group of dedicated  natural healers and holistic health practitioners set up shop to offer  a group meditation and a pop up clinic in which they offer the community … Read More »

 A Womans Worth   I once subscribed to  ‘Daily OM’ s  eating  properly  to rally for recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  online course .  I find it hard to really stick with online courses but am sure I osmosed a few good ideas and healthy eating tips  and as a result of  being enrolled in the course provider ‘ Daily OM’  often sends through  words of inspiration and updates about other courses they are running  all at very affordable prices  and I think once you have purchased the course  you can keep going back to it and  go through it at… Read More »

Image  from Outer Space taken by the James Webb  Space telescope  2022                                                                Oh Cosmic Birther    ……..   The Lord’s Prayer…translated from Aramaic directly into English rather than from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English. (Naia Louis is with  Nina Harris   Face Book 26    July 2022) This lovely thing came into my Face Book  Feed  from Elizabeth @The PriestessPath  .I’m not sure how accurate it is.  As you… Read More »

The deeper story  …keeping it real With so many surreal  chaotic  and  seemingly unbelievable things going on in the world  you look to the things  that are working  ,the places where the light still shines ,where kindness and order still prevails ,where nice things and good things still happen  and you say amen to that  .I  am grateful for  being close to mother nature and  being able to appreciate  her many gifts  I am  grateful for  my supportive private  FB  groups  and  holistic healing and art  and good friends and    the chance I have to travel and stay in… Read More »

                                         Jasper …. Tale Of A White Spirit  Doggie                                                                                                               Wendy  Buss    At a time when I was weighed down with cares and struggling to see  the lighter  side of life  I had a lovely   opportunity to spend two weeks with  a lovely Irish Wolfhound  called Jasper. but let me tell you Jasper was no ordinary dog .My time with Jasper was like setting out on this totally unexpected all in ‘boots and all’  magical romp  of an adventure with this  high vibing white light   magical and endearing creature  that totally  lifted my spirits   and helped me remember what… Read More »

Some more answers  re Covid 19  from  parents with questions When I came home one day  to find this little flyer in my mail box I was so happy  I had been angsting that week because they had started  vaccinating  5-11 year olds and  it was a deeply overwhelming experience. Then I came home and saw this flyer and felt like  it was the best piece of junk mail I had ever seen . I felt like  someone well lots more poeple had caught the ball where the kids were concerned and were thinking about the health of their kids… Read More »

  PARENTS     WITH QUESTIONS As I mentioned in my last blog feeling distressed at the news that   last week they  started vaccinating  5-11 year olds  I felt  incredibly heartened when I came home one afternoon last week to find a flyer in my mailbox It was called  Twelve Questions  Concerned Parents Need to Ask  .At first I thought it was another item of Govt propaganda but I was relieved when I read it  it was not that at all   but a beautiful commonsensical  balanced wise insightful summary  put  together by a group called  Parents with Questions It was actually… Read More »

I haven’t written much of late as I have been very conflicted  wondering how to even function as an operational and responsive human  being in the current  very fraught  landscape   Sunflower  at various stages of unfoldment ( Yandina  Mansions ) On the one hand  I have been enjoying visiting some really  beautiful places taking lovely photos  and  having in mind   a proposed upcoming photo exhibit  at the  Sunshine Coast  Libraries system  which aims to showcase and celebrate the flora and fauna of  some of the lesser known natures sweet spots here on the Sunshine Coast     but with everything… Read More »

                                                      UBUNTU         Post from Peter Singer  Face Book This  lovely   thing showed up on one of my face book pages An anthropologist showed a game to the children of an African tribe … He placed a basket of delicious fruits near a tree trunk and told them: “The first child to reach the tree will get the basket.” When he gave them the start signal, he was surprised that they… Read More »

WHATS GOING ON ……!!! Wow   so much going on at present  Hold on to your britches folks as the truth starts to come out about  some of the longer term side effects  of the vaccines   ….blood clots strokes  heart attacks  testicular cancer and alopecia for men   menstrual dysfunction and sterility for women the weakening of peoples auto immune systems  brain fog    and then   when the real figures start to come out   that more people  are actually dying from the vaccine  than  COVID…..and that there HAS been another agenda going on  called  Depopulate  the planet and make zillions of bucks profiting… Read More »