A Lizzies  Reprieve                                                Written by Wendy Buss                                                          Image courtesy of fanpop.com   Whilst housesitting in a beautiful  ocean front  home  at Sunrise Beach recently  one morning a rather large Blue Tongue Lizard  wandered in to the house .It  must have come in via the open front door  which was… Read More »

I recently decided to  submit  one of my stories about  Happy Cat one of the BIG pussy cat loves of my life to the Chicken Soup for the Soul  Pet Lovers  book series and today  sat down to the somewhat challenging task of  paring the original story  I had written about my beloved moggie  some years ago  a story of  several thousand words  to  just 1200 words Cutting back on words is always a challenge for me as a writer.  At Uni as a mature age student  I once threw over a chance for a higher grade in a subject … Read More »

                                                                                          THE MILO MEDICINE   Milo in repose   The  housesitter /petsitter adventure can be like a bag of licorice allsorts. You never know quite what you re going to get .I am pretty intuitive but  you can only tell so much from photos People naturally enough will post the best  photos of their pets  and… Read More »

 I havn’t posted anything in a  while so thought readers might enjoy this tale of one of my  early  housesitting misadventures  which still gives me a giggle everytime I think  about it .                                                                                                                                      The… Read More »

                                         Jasper …. Tale Of A White Spirit  Doggie                                                                                                               Wendy  Buss    At a time when I was weighed down with cares and struggling to see  the lighter  side of life  I had a lovely   opportunity to spend two weeks with  a lovely Irish Wolfhound  called Jasper. but let me tell you Jasper was no ordinary dog .My time with Jasper was like setting out on this totally unexpected all in ‘boots and all’  magical romp  of an adventure with this  high vibing white light   magical and endearing creature  that totally  lifted my spirits   and helped me remember what… Read More »

A Lesson from Lexi Written by Wendy Buss   Lexi The Lexi I was first introduced to  was the gentlest friendliest sweetest dog part husky with a lovely brindle coat  and a beautiful welcoming nature . When I first met her  she was all waggly tail and squirmy butt  and willing to be friends from the get go  when I arrived at the housesit in Yeppoon  where I was to look after her for close to a week  while the owners were away visiting family  .I felt comfortable  and confident Lexi and I  would get on well together She’d follow… Read More »

THE SERPENT AND THE  APPLE There is an interesting and powerful symbology to  the concept of the  Serpent and the Apple            in the traditional  bible story  of Adam and Eve  ……The  apple represents worldy  knowledge  and sex and   the veil of innocence falling forever  away  .In the story of Adam and Eve   the serpent tempts   Eve with the Apple  and   she and Adam  discover the forbidden fruits of lust and passion  and the joys of sexual  hanky panky   and as a result they are banished forever   from the Garden of Eden It seems like a lot of patriarchal  bullshit actually… Read More »

  Photo courtesy of Aquarium of the Pacific The Lorikeets at Bulcock Beach Early in the morning in the pines outside my window at Bulcock Beach I am woken by a squillion noisy rainbow lorikeets going nuts a squillion  rainbow  lorikeets are going nuts squeaking squawking  squealing  shrieking All out                    s-c-r-e-e-c-h-i-n-g   !!!   What  I ask myself drowsily burying my head in my pillow can these  early bird risers  find  to get so excited about  at this hour of the morning ? Are they making love  ? Catching up on the previous days gossip  ? Planning their days deciding… Read More »

  Oh boy life is a daring adventure or nothing   Now that I’m moving and shaking  with the rich and famous   I was given the gift  of a wonderful opportunity   to spend 2 weeks in the country on the most magnificent  estate   with  my own cottage and access to  pool tennis courts and  private golf course  (I have given people permission to shoot me if they ever catch me playing golf  or in one of those white uniforms  playing lawn bowls )  . In exchange for looking after dogs and horses  and keeping my eye on a multimillion   dollar estate… Read More »