ENOUGH NOW……….   ENOUGH NOW ….. On the weekend  I was massively inconvenienced  by sudden unexpected lockdowns  My plans  were  disrupted and thrown into turmoil .  I couldnt do the things I had planned to do .I was put to great discomfort having to stand and wait in line for over an hour  for tickets to this art exhibit  and watched as the 3 hours  window of viewing pleasure I had allowed  for a trip to the European Masters Art Exhibit  at Qgoma  dwindled to just  1 hour and 55 minutes  all becuase  of the art galleries changed staffing… Read More »

  On Saturday …..I celebrated my 63rd birthday doing something I most love to do with Adam  and Millie  down at the Cork  and Chroma I chose this class because the subject  was the Blue Mountains NSW  Australia and in particular The Three Sisters where I  actually lived for many years and actually at one stage  lived just ten minutes down the road  from this beautiful world heritage listed icon The area held great  significance  for me  and many special memories of being out amongst nature in this pristine and glorious ancient landscape  watching red and yellow tailed black cockatoos… Read More »

  More fame and conquering a fear ……. Wow  just received some wonderful publicity  for my book through  Just Write For Kids  which has a  national community of  writers and  and appreciators of children’s literature   so loving the idea of    sharing my experience of  writing and illustrating and self publishing   with my peers and fellow indie authors       Thankyou Romi   at Just Write For Kids   for your support You can read  the article at this link   www.justkidslit.com/the-quick-six-interview-with-wendy-buss-and-creme-and-caramels-big-adventure/ Also I  had an amazingly positive experience at the dentist  yesterday  pushing through fears which have   held me back for years … Read More »

Some local promo  ………My local newspaper did a lovely job   offering me some  free publicity    Thankyou Cameron ……I am amazed at how neat my hair looks ……                Local book inspires kids to stand strong in face of bullies Wendy Buss … “The book has a message of self empowerment”. Retired creative arts primary teacher Wendy Buss recently fulfilled a long-held ambition to write, illustrate and publish her first children’s book. Creme and Caramel’s Big Adventure is the first for Wendy’s fledgling publishing company  “Wendy’s Window Books” and is now available in online… Read More »

I had such a lovely Australia day ………..one of those days when everything just flowed  I was running late and then David  rang to say so was he   perfect  We went to  see Evelyn Millers art exhibit  down at Nanas Secret Tearoom   Evelyn  paints fairly classical scenes in oils  with her own flair  and a broad and very eclectic range of subjects.She sold several and it was a great day   We met lots of nice people   Cass and  Malcom   have booked me for their next community connect event  and I am having a book launch at Nanas  on the… Read More »

Becoming Visible    Wow  I got such a  surprise when I finally approved  my  hardcover of Creme and Caramels Big Adventure for release on the 20th January with the company who is printing and distributing for me    It immediately almost the  same day  popped up on Amazon  in a variety of different countries  and quite a few other book stores and in some  Countries where I couldn’t even recognize the language ……..  It was on one Amazon site   marked at 133 AED  which I discovered was Dubai currency and each worth about one third of the Aussie dollar  I… Read More »

Wow !   So here it is  ….my newly formatted  website complete with  its  new shopping cart  to coincide with the publication of  my new children’s book ‘Creme and Caramel’s Big Adventure I’m  SO EXCITED  !!!!!  This is a 48 page  landscape children’s story and picture book  with 22  full colour paged illustrations    for children aged 4 -9 years It tells the story of two brave little guinea pigs called Creme and Caramel  who are brought inside the house by Wendy the Housesitter  during a storm . The two guinea pigs whilst enjoying a night of luxury at the Laundry… Read More »

AT LAST  ………. MY BOOK HAS ARRIVED   After all the  tooings and froings  and the creative and productive angst ,the sighing and wringing of hands and rolling of eyes to heaven,   the tears and the tantrums ,both mine and other peoples’ and after we discovered my ebook was out there touting  its wares dressed in a completely unsuitable cover and I had to send a very concerted email to the distributor  to bring my baby back home It was almost to be expected  the parcel  containing  my sample books might go astray which even though it was sent by… Read More »

Yesterday I was privileged to have a unique cultural experience when I went with a small group accompanying 3 members of the traditional Uluru family Ken and Natalie and their beautiful baby girl  on a tour of their homelands called Patji which adjoin the  Uluru Kata Tjuta national Park   To be in this sublime countryside  is really something hard to capture in words It is exquisite  country  endless red dust, mulga trees,spinefex, and desert oaks and not much else  to look at except the ancient rocky boulders piled up in mounds on certain parts  .It could be considered boring… Read More »

    Can it get  any better ? I must confess I wasn’t too thrilled at the idea of getting up at 4am  but  it wasnt too much of a hassle   Slip in to something comfortable for riding ,grab an apple ,top up your water bottle and out the door to the pick up stop down at the Desert Gardens Hotel The stars were big and seemed to hang low and the air seemed to be already buzzing at the resort even at 5.am              I had met Steve the day  before when I visited… Read More »