Fishy Tails   I had the most amazing experience  whilst out  in the Noosa National Park recently  both fishy related  .I had  taken a walk along the  stunning and beautiful coastal  trail  from  Hastings street Noosa to Dolphin Point  and was really  pleased to see a pod o f dolphins swimming and playing right at Dolphin Point . I did sadly witness  an act of utter stupidity by a couple of boaters .The dolphins actually came in  very close to shore and a paddle boarder was  clearly keen to get up  close to them and gently and silently and respectfully paddled… Read More »

Not so silly love songs   Lately a few of the old favourite love songs have been popping up out of the blue unexpectedly .Take for example I was down at Maroochydore Plaza not long ago  It was school holidays and pretty full on with all the school kids milling around and I was standing there in a daze  feeling a bit overwhelmed in the food court  waiting for my Hungry Jacks order when suddenly the song                “Baby Its You “ explodes in my mind I havent actually heard that song on the… Read More »

  Celebrating the end of  World War 2 Photo courtesy of   Doreen’s Poem  My mother Doreen Coveney is a dark horse.I always found her emails quite articulately expressed  but recently with the death of the late Queen Elizabeth I was inspired to know what mum made of it all  and wrote and asked her to share her recollections with me . As kids the Queen was always part of the  wallpaper of our lives . We were  working class and by no means royalists  but somehow her Maj  was a constant fixture  for us kids even if only… Read More »

The deeper story  …keeping it real With so many surreal  chaotic  and  seemingly unbelievable things going on in the world  you look to the things  that are working  ,the places where the light still shines ,where kindness and order still prevails ,where nice things and good things still happen  and you say amen to that  .I  am grateful for  being close to mother nature and  being able to appreciate  her many gifts  I am  grateful for  my supportive private  FB  groups  and  holistic healing and art  and good friends and    the chance I have to travel and stay in… Read More »

Now is the time  ……. I have woken early today feeling compelled to  write something in response to what’s going on with the mandates and the vaccines and what is happening in Australia politically . So after getting up at 5ish easing into the day , finding a warm cardigan to cosy up in , stuffing my face with picklets and butter and washing them down with pear juice and now sipping on a hot  cuppa ….I’m sitting at my  laptop  ready to go.   Image courtesy of I also want to give a shout out  to  some truly… Read More »

  OCEAN ART I just came home  from the most amazing art session with  Naomi Pettenuzzo at her Ocean Art Studios in Maroochydore  .Every year  Arts Connect  a cooperative which  represents and  supports  artists throughout the  Sunshine Coast hosts an Art Trail  wherein Sunshine Coast artists  open up their homes and studios for people to come through and watch them at work with a chance to peruse their collections and purchase art direct from the artists themesleves  . There are also other events and workshops that happen  as part of Open Studios week  . This year there are two art… Read More »

MORE  NEWS…. Back in Yandina once more  after a fabulous trip to Yeppoon .Some highlights and low lights  once I had left Yeppoon and stopped  in Rockhampton  in transit  I got a chance to visit the Rockhampton  Museum of Art   which had only just opened a week or so previously The new gallery is  a really fabulous new building apparently  the second biggest Art gallery  in Qld  and really nicely set out with an interesting eclectic selection of art mixing up lesser known artists  side by side with some really big name well known  artists  and  information about the art… Read More »

Greetings from Yeppoon Wow  life seems even more surreal than normal  if thats possible with all the  strange  chaos and turbulance  going on in the world at present Here I am on the beautiful Capricorn Coast high upon a hill  in Yeppoon with stunning views  out to the Keppel Islands . The weather has been idyllic  although its a hot one today and the dogs and I are inside and grateful for the airconditioning The  dogs in my care are the lovely Lexi  a part Husky  I have devoted a whole story to  upcoming in my story  tab and two … Read More »

  12th  September  2022  Convoy to Canberra  Saturdays march to  Parliament house Convoy to Canberra update  …… Sadly the amazing  FB page  the 2022 official Convoy to Canberra   with 178k followers got taken down  just as the action  down there was getting exciting and jsut a s my letter to the editor went to print   .The same admin  did start up another FB group   and there were  a couple of other  legit groups  but also a couple of fake groups  filled with trolls and bots which was a bit confusing and disappointing   .Luckily I came apon   the Northern NSW   Convoy… Read More »

Convoy to Canberra passing through Yandina   2022  Official Convoy to Canberra I feel so excited  to tune in as  many 1000s of trucks and cars have been headed to our nations capital  over the past few days to front up to Parliament House  in time for when  Parliament resumes on Monday 7th  February   Thousands of Aussies coming together  standing united vaxxed and unvaxxed  in peaceful protest  to tell the politicians  enough is enough   and we want our country  and our freedoms back  . Feeling I’d like to do something for the revolution  I decided to submit  A Letter to… Read More »