Lovely Lavender Lampshade Hats for Limbo-ing with Lively Ladies             I just completed  another pic  for the  children’s book I currently have in development Actually I got some very interesting input into the creation of this picture  .I was housesitting for Matt  looking after his elderly black puss cat ‘Mietta’  up in Maleny  .Matt hails from Trinidad and is actually a very accomplished Tin Pan drum player . In Matt’s humble rustic little cottage set on gorgeous lush rural acreage I got to hear the Tin Pan Drums played by a pro . The sound of Tinpan… Read More »

                                                                        LOTUS  WELLBEING…. Alive and Well !!   I’m so proud of Jenny and all the folks down at the LOTUS WELL BEING  pop up centre Every week on a Monday  down at the  Cooroy  CWA Hall  ,a group of dedicated  natural healers and holistic health practitioners set up shop to offer  a group meditation and a pop up clinic in which they offer the community … Read More »

  WHATS LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT ?   Wow   some people  are saying  Hollywood is dead  and no good movies coming  out    but I beg to differ.  I have seen 2 fabulous movies   in as many weeks  with several others  clocking up  some brilliant reviews I plan to get to see Today as a treat to relax and chill after a harrowing chiropractic treatment I walked in to a cinema to catch an afternoon matinee of a fairly new release called ” Whats Love Got to Do With It ? ” The screen play was written by… Read More »

  Soapies finally  with something worthwhile to say       I can’t exactly say that I am a die hard fan of ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’  but if I happen to be home  watching TV and it comes on I sometimes get sucked into watching it . If you’re not careful after very few episodes you can feel those insidious tentacles reaching out to enviegle you into lets face it some ludicrously pompous people’s stagey and self important dramas .Oh the mind numbing preoccupation with the minutiae of what ‘he said’ or ‘she said’ and ‘how they said it’ … Read More »

A Lizzies  Reprieve                                                Written by Wendy Buss                                                          Image courtesy of   Whilst housesitting in a beautiful  ocean front  home  at Sunrise Beach recently  one morning a rather large Blue Tongue Lizard  wandered in to the house .It  must have come in via the open front door  which was… Read More »

I recently decided to  submit  one of my stories about  Happy Cat one of the BIG pussy cat loves of my life to the Chicken Soup for the Soul  Pet Lovers  book series and today  sat down to the somewhat challenging task of  paring the original story  I had written about my beloved moggie  some years ago  a story of  several thousand words  to  just 1200 words Cutting back on words is always a challenge for me as a writer.  At Uni as a mature age student  I once threw over a chance for a higher grade in a subject … Read More »

Fishy Tails   I had the most amazing experience  whilst out  in the Noosa National Park recently  both fishy related  .I had  taken a walk along the  stunning and beautiful coastal  trail  from  Hastings street Noosa to Dolphin Point  and was really  pleased to see a pod o f dolphins swimming and playing right at Dolphin Point . I did sadly witness  an act of utter stupidity by a couple of boaters .The dolphins actually came in  very close to shore and a paddle boarder was  clearly keen to get up  close to them and gently and silently and respectfully paddled… Read More »

Not so silly love songs   Lately a few of the old favourite love songs have been popping up out of the blue unexpectedly .Take for example I was down at Maroochydore Plaza not long ago  It was school holidays and pretty full on with all the school kids milling around and I was standing there in a daze  feeling a bit overwhelmed in the food court  waiting for my Hungry Jacks order when suddenly the song                “Baby Its You “ explodes in my mind I havent actually heard that song on the… Read More »

  Celebrating the end of  World War 2 Photo courtesy of   Doreen’s Poem  My mother Doreen Coveney is a dark horse.I always found her emails quite articulately expressed  but recently with the death of the late Queen Elizabeth I was inspired to know what mum made of it all  and wrote and asked her to share her recollections with me . As kids the Queen was always part of the  wallpaper of our lives . We were  working class and by no means royalists  but somehow her Maj  was a constant fixture  for us kids even if only… Read More »

                                                                                          THE MILO MEDICINE   Milo in repose   The  housesitter /petsitter adventure can be like a bag of licorice allsorts. You never know quite what you re going to get .I am pretty intuitive but  you can only tell so much from photos People naturally enough will post the best  photos of their pets  and… Read More »