Oh boy life is a daring adventure or nothing   Now that I’m moving and shaking  with the rich and famous   I was given the gift  of a wonderful opportunity   to spend 2 weeks in the country on the most magnificent  estate   with  my own cottage and access to  pool tennis courts and  private golf course  (I have given people permission to shoot me if they ever catch me playing golf  or in one of those white uniforms  playing lawn bowls )  . In exchange for looking after dogs and horses  and keeping my eye on a multimillion   dollar estate

Bella and Else

Its been the most wonderful opportunity  to relax and let my spirit be  and just breathe I just love country living

So then I knew this bloke had a few bob  He’s a well known entrepreneur  and I had thought in the ballpark vincinity of about 5 million .Then someone I know googled  what he sold his last chain of  businesses for   and the figure quoted  was wait for it  $970 million I couldn’t even  imagine that much money  …..Like I said he’s not short of a bob  …..Anyway I took all that in my stride . We got along fine .He’s a down to earth  guy and a family man   .

Alas my stay here didn’t get off to the most auspicious start  I stacked the buggy  It’s a long long winding drive way   from the house to the  front gate  so G  gave me a quick driving lesson  in the buggy  I picked it up easily    It had been ages since I had been behind the controls of any vehicle  Not since I had ridden the bike which was a long time ago ,Maybe ten years  and as we whipped along in the jalopy and  I got my confidence up I swear I felt  like Toad of Toad Hall  in ‘Wind in the Willows’ when he gets behind the wheel of a car   intoxicated  with  the sensation of this new found  freedom and power …..SO once I’d settled in   and the family had headed off to Noosa  I  decided to take the buggy out for a spin  by myself   The first lap went OK  …… and my confidence building  I was off and racing for a second lap around the property  but got into trouble when I turned too soon off the track  and  found myself  somehow wobbling over some small hills  Suddenly I found myself perched on the  crest of a hill and wobbling there in mid air as if on 3 wheels .I was unceremoniously thrown out of the buggy  and took a nasty spill hitting my head hard  but was aware the buggy was  careering off  towards  some sort of scrublined  creek bed  and in the moment forgot about any injuries   and  sprang up to run after the buggy  which luckily lodged itself into some thick scrub  .

Just like Toad in ‘Wind in the Willows’

There were still some folks at home  and G s daughter S  helped me get the buggy out of the  scrub  Big sigh of relief .Then  time to think about my  injuries.  OMG !! Suddenly realized I had done my back SO MUCH PAIN  which just got worse and worse. Eventually a few hours later  S called an ambulance  and I was rolled onto a stretcher  and  ferried by ambo   to public hospital   Nice one  spent most of the first night of my house sit   in the emergency ward at Royal Bisbane  Hospital

Eventuallly had xrays which revealed a hairline fracture of my coxys … was  eventually sent home with  advice I needed to buy a jelly pillow to sit on . G was pretty cool  it was touch and go as to whether I’d be able to stay on  The acid test was whether I’d be able to  waddle down the steep drive way to the stables to feed the horses    ….I wanted to stay  on so I   just  made it happen  I was in heaps of pain  but could do the chores I signed up for  and  where better to convalesce than  in the country  on a beautiful estate .

I was surprised at how rapidly I recovered within a few days the pain considerably lessened   and pretty well  recovered a few weeks later  .I was disappointed though  my first time up behind the wheel  of any vehicle  since my motor bike accidents   and I bloody stacked it NOT GOOD

The animals  were just lovely I had such a good time with them .The horses would come up everyday in the afternoons  to the fence at the cottage where I was staying  and eat me out of house and home  ……I bought  apples and carrots for them  then we were down to  whatever  organic vegetables    and  rice cakes I could bear to part with

Dream Doggie  Little Alfie  Big  Spirit

The dogs were very sweet Alphie Chloe and Beau  Alfie was this cool little Shihstu this beige coloured bathmat  that had the most indomitable little spirit   He was definitely the alpha dog of the three .  He could run like the wind on these little legs and    was   up for anything and afraid of nothing When I went down to feed the horses Alfie  would  take off  into the bush .There would be no calling him back  and be gone for a couple of hours finally emerging  from the scrub when it suited him looking like a creature from the Black Lagoon .The top half  of him   still all clean and fragrant  and fluffy and the bottom half  of him caked in  black slime and mud  ….

Alfie always went for the  prime position on the bed  ….Eventually he even worked his way up to taking over the side of the bed  and the spot I liked best  …but he could give the best cuddles  and would lie in my arms for a cuddle like a blissed out baby …


Doggie Chloe in there somewhere

I thought I was a cat person  but after  looking after Alfie and Chloe and Beau   I  have to say the right dogs can really  sock it to you in the heart department . l  was a sucker for Alfies charms  in particular although Chloe was such a sweetie  and Beau was great too. It was very hard to say good bye to the dogs .The day I was leaving when I rolled my suitcase out  waiting  for my ride the  dogs all came to sit beside my suitcase  My farewell party !! it was very very sad.



One funny thing  while I was at the sit I managed to get along to a painting class an acrylic pour session .We had to  take our work home in pizza boxes   as it took a while to  dry.On the way home  one of my artworks  got squished in the pizza box  but when it dried  I really liked the effect  thought it looked pretty cool I could see stuff in it  that was not in my original creation   I could make out features of a fire spirit  dancing there in the flames . So I accentuated her features gave her a bit more definition  and called the  painting ‘Salamander’



Salamander  (fire spirit)

I noticed G had quite a few expensive    art pieces around the home  so I left Salamander to adorn the walls of the  cottage I stayed in  and told G  I noticed he had a few genius art pieces  around the place  and I was leaving him another to add to his  collection

I am not sure if it was my animal whispering skills  or my  artistic  genius G was most impressed with  (Certainly not my buggy handling  skills) but he did give me a nice reference  ………

Running the gauntlet stepping over doggie bids and competing with Alfie for my place in the bed




Beautiful Sunset in the last few days

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