I had such a lovely Australia day ………..one of those days when everything just flowed  I was running late and then David  rang to say so was he   perfect  We went to  see Evelyn Millers art exhibit  down at Nanas Secret Tearoom   Evelyn  paints fairly classical scenes in oils  with her own flair  and a broad and very eclectic range of subjects.She sold several and it was a great day


We met lots of nice people   Cass and  Malcom   have booked me for their next community connect event  and I am having a book launch at Nanas  on the 27th Feb

There’s a beautiful resurgence happening in Nambour For a while  there  the town centre seemed to be in sad decline ,Even before Covid businesses were closing  left right and centre .More and more  shop fronts were empty as the town centre seemed to be dying  and then now lots of lovely  little shoots of regrowth  in the form of  start ups and businesses   focused in providing holistic and sustainable  products and services  which have sprung up


Queen street seems to be  at the epicentre with businesses such as Peace Run Records and Agency    the Husk and Honey gluten free cafe and Nanas Secret Tearoom flourishing and thriving  over in Mill Street   near the station  Our Space Health and Well being  Healing and Activity Centre and shop  is  doing really well and the holistic cafe right next door  also

Andrea Kirwin  at Peace Run records  sees  Nambour as becoming the Melbourne of Qld ,I agree with her I see Nambour as restored perhaps to its former  prominance but in a different  chilled ,gentle   creatve edgy and innovative way .

They are reinstalling the tramway through the town

I reckon Nanas  with  its  irresistable  blend of oldeworlde charm and new age magic as Cass and Malcom  have endowed it and really good coffee at only 2.50  a cup ??  will become  a well known  hub  for artists and writers and community events .

We stopped in to say Hi to Andrea  at Peace Run Records  greeted enthusiastically by Teddy her gorgeous  little  border collie  who goes to work with Andrea   and sits in on her music lessons with the kids …. Andrea was that very day   getting ready to host and perform at her Australia day BlakStory   live stream event  .I  bought a ticket and so glad I did   It was a fantastic concert  with      an amazing lineup of  Indigenous talent

Andrea herself  of Fijian heritage has the most beautiful  rich smooth  voice and stage presence  she says  developed   through years of singing 3 part harmonies  in church in Fiji  .She has a very cool sound .I look forwards to listening  to more of her new album  called ‘Bloom’

David  was great fun … a very interesting guy .I asked him if he had any budgie snugglers  with the Australian flag  decore such as I have seen blokes wearing on the beach on Australia Day .he laughed and said no but he did have  other budgie snugglers if I wanted to know more .

I told him  no that was more info than I needed  and  not  something I wanted to get into  .and it cracked us  both up.  He is a very nice guy..

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