Some more answers  re Covid 19  from  parents with questions When I came home one day  to find this little flyer in my mail box I was so happy  I had been angsting that week because they had started  vaccinating  5-11 year olds and  it was a deeply overwhelming experience. Then I came home and saw this flyer and felt like  it was the best piece of junk mail I had ever seen . I felt like  someone well lots more poeple had caught the ball where the kids were concerned and were thinking about the health of their kids… Read More »

  PARENTS     WITH QUESTIONS As I mentioned in my last blog feeling distressed at the news that   last week they  started vaccinating  5-11 year olds  I felt  incredibly heartened when I came home one afternoon last week to find a flyer in my mailbox It was called  Twelve Questions  Concerned Parents Need to Ask  .At first I thought it was another item of Govt propaganda but I was relieved when I read it  it was not that at all   but a beautiful commonsensical  balanced wise insightful summary  put  together by a group called  Parents with Questions It was actually… Read More »

I haven’t written much of late as I have been very conflicted  wondering how to even function as an operational and responsive human  being in the current  very fraught  landscape   Sunflower  at various stages of unfoldment ( Yandina  Mansions ) On the one hand  I have been enjoying visiting some really  beautiful places taking lovely photos  and  having in mind   a proposed upcoming photo exhibit  at the  Sunshine Coast  Libraries system  which aims to showcase and celebrate the flora and fauna of  some of the lesser known natures sweet spots here on the Sunshine Coast     but with everything… Read More »

And so it begins ……. As from  17th of December  . anyone in Qld  who haven’t been vaccinated will not be able to go into cafes ,libraries ,or art galleries . Unbelievable .The Qld premier  Anna  Palaszczuk  is trying to enforce mandatory vaccinations  across the state  thereby treating  at least a quarter of the population like  pariahs and second class citizens .  She initially had a lot of suppport  here in the state  because apparently  she kept covid numbers low  and  managed to achieve the least drastic lockdown regime in the Country .   but she has crossed the line  sadly… Read More »

  And so it begins . I was  offered  a beautiful house-sit at Christmas In Adelaide . South Australia is the one state in Australia   I haven’t yet visited  and got very excited at the prospect  Checking out all the border requirements  I actually qualified to cross over into SA but come late November  only double vaxxed people  are allowed into the state and I am not aligned to getting the jab .Three reasons  Theres a heinous  social  control agenda going on to  depopulate the planet. More people will end up dying  from the vaccine  than  from Covid  and I uphold… Read More »

  Photo courtesy of Aquarium of the Pacific The Lorikeets at Bulcock Beach Early in the morning in the pines outside my window at Bulcock Beach I am woken by a squillion noisy rainbow lorikeets going nuts a squillion  rainbow  lorikeets are going nuts squeaking squawking  squealing  shrieking All out                    s-c-r-e-e-c-h-i-n-g   !!!   What  I ask myself drowsily burying my head in my pillow can these  early bird risers  find  to get so excited about  at this hour of the morning ? Are they making love  ? Catching up on the previous days gossip  ? Planning their days deciding… Read More »

                                                      UBUNTU         Post from Peter Singer  Face Book This  lovely   thing showed up on one of my face book pages An anthropologist showed a game to the children of an African tribe … He placed a basket of delicious fruits near a tree trunk and told them: “The first child to reach the tree will get the basket.” When he gave them the start signal, he was surprised that they… Read More »

WHATS GOING ON ……!!! Wow   so much going on at present  Hold on to your britches folks as the truth starts to come out about  some of the longer term side effects  of the vaccines   ….blood clots strokes  heart attacks  testicular cancer and alopecia for men   menstrual dysfunction and sterility for women the weakening of peoples auto immune systems  brain fog    and then   when the real figures start to come out   that more people  are actually dying from the vaccine  than  COVID…..and that there HAS been another agenda going on  called  Depopulate  the planet and make zillions of bucks profiting… Read More »

Something About Millie (or when Karma strikes) Written by Wendy Buss     Not Millie but identical doggie  could be her twin  . I could only really describe Millie as some sort of dream girl doggie  Millie was a tiny little chihuahua  who was doggie perfection to look at  .With big bulbous eyes liquid brown alert bright eyes and the flounciest ears that cascaded like fountains  down either side of her head . She was a real live wire .Anytime you as much as looked in Millies  direction her eyes would light  up and  her little ears would start shaking… Read More »

  Oh boy life is a daring adventure or nothing   Now that I’m moving and shaking  with the rich and famous   I was given the gift  of a wonderful opportunity   to spend 2 weeks in the country on the most magnificent  estate   with  my own cottage and access to  pool tennis courts and  private golf course  (I have given people permission to shoot me if they ever catch me playing golf  or in one of those white uniforms  playing lawn bowls )  . In exchange for looking after dogs and horses  and keeping my eye on a multimillion   dollar estate… Read More »