A Womans Worth   I once subscribed to  ‘OM’ s  eating  properly  to rally for recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  online course . There were some wonderful  ideas and recipes enclosed  for healthy  eating enclosed in the course.  Although typically   I tend to lose interest in online courses without that  face to face interpersonal  ongoing connection.  It seemed then there was  a huge  amount of preparation involved in the meal prep and creation and the recipes seemed to have sooo many what seemed to me then very exotic not to mention expensive  organic ingredients  at the time and  I kind of… Read More »

Fishy Tails   I had the most amazing experience  whilst out  in the Noosa National Park recently  both fishy related  .I had  taken a walk along the  stunning and beautiful coastal  trail  from  Hastings street Noosa to Dolphin Point  and was really  pleased to see a pod o f dolphins swimming and playing right at Dolphin Point . I did sadly witness  an act of utter stupidity by a couple of boaters .The dolphins actually came in  very close to shore and a paddle boarder was  clearly keen to get up  close to them and gently and silently and respectfully paddled… Read More »

Not so silly love songs   Lately a few of the old favourite love songs have been popping up out of the blue unexpectedly .Take for example I was down at Maroochydore Plaza not long ago  It was school holidays and pretty full on with all the school kids milling around and I was standing there in a daze  feeling a bit overwhelmed in the food court  waiting for my Hungry Jacks order when suddenly the song                “Baby Its You “ explodes in my mind I havent actually heard that song on the… Read More »

  Celebrating the end of  World War 2 Photo courtesy of  www.iwm.org.uk   Doreen’s Poem  My mother Doreen Coveney is a dark horse.I always found her emails quite articulately expressed  but recently with the death of the late Queen Elizabeth I was inspired to know what mum made of it all  and wrote and asked her to share her recollections with me . As kids the Queen was always part of the  wallpaper of our lives . We were  working class and by no means royalists  but somehow her Maj  was a constant fixture  for us kids even if only… Read More »

                                                                                          THE MILO MEDICINE   Milo in repose   The  housesitter /petsitter adventure can be like a bag of licorice allsorts. You never know quite what you re going to get .I am pretty intuitive but  you can only tell so much from photos People naturally enough will post the best  photos of their pets  and… Read More »

 I havn’t posted anything in a  while so thought readers might enjoy this tale of one of my  early  housesitting misadventures  which still gives me a giggle everytime I think  about it .                                                                                                                                      The… Read More »

Image  from Outer Space taken by the James Webb  Space telescope  2022                                                                Oh Cosmic Birther    ……..   The Lord’s Prayer…translated from Aramaic directly into English rather than from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English. (Naia Louis is with  Nina Harris   Face Book 26    July 2022) This lovely thing came into my Face Book  Feed  from Elizabeth @The PriestessPath  .I’m not sure how accurate it is.  As you… Read More »

Greetings from Currimundi Wow  last two weeks has just flown spending it  at a flash retirement  resort  in the company of the serene and lovely Poppy   a  pampered puss cat whos  practically purrfect  in every way  . So she should be on a daily diet of  8 juicy prawns and a smorgasbord  of tasty treats  to nibble on                                                     Poppy  in her apres prawns pose Lorraine   and Val  took me out to dinner  at the… Read More »

  Wow   ….Winter Solstice   …..shortest day of the year  and it has been brisk   down here in Byron  Bay   …. Last night tonight  looking after the very lovable Shiloh  .Will be sad  to part  He’s  very sweet . Highlights after so much  rain heaven threw us a bone and hurled down a couple of truely  gorgeous sparkly sunny days  so Shiloh and I hit Belongil Beach  and had fun  mixing and mingling with locals and visitors  . Played on the beach  chatted to folks while Shilo  sniffed butts  and wagged tails  with his doggie chums  and  aft er having a… Read More »