Ben Ts literary triumph


Whilst in Brisbane I happened to buy a BIG ISSUE  from a vendor selling on the corner of George and Tank Street .I enjoy the magazine and its grounded real content from poeple who have had their share of lifes challenges.There are usually lots of well written articles The  annual literary issue is particularly worth reading  with some amazing stories .There are usually  thoughtful words of wisdom  wrought from people who have done it tough but can  still look on the bright side and share the positives and the upside of their humble circumstances  There are sometimes good interviews with celebs and  The magazine is refereshing with its real grounded everyday news and poeples real life stories  refreshingly  devoid of airbrushed photos and consumer hype and ads

This day the vendor smiled with a sparkle in his eye as he handed me the mag  and told me to  make sure I read  the article on page 7 about my brush with a superstar  remarking that his encounter had been with someone  up there in the galaxy of superstars alongside Beyonce    he himself had met  and revealing that he himself was the author of the said article

Intrigued a bit later  I turned to page 7 to read ‘ My Brush With A Superstar ‘ It was only a short article but  I found it  witty and funny and extremely well written I couldnt quite tell if it was tongue in cheek or if the writer was serious in his adulation of his super hero who turned out to be none other Melbourne based Aussie Comedian Dave Hughes

Quote “He  slowly raised his hand in true A lister style a style that said “Hi you have been ackbnowledged by a Superstar and at the same time  also  stop right there  dont come any closer I am a superstar .  and then he was gone It was truely an incredible moment and one I will cherish for the rest of my life .

Being a writer myself I instantly  saw that they guy had a talent for writing and  was impressed with his style  and I also reckoned Hughsey would love reading the article  so and I felt I’d go ahead and pass it on to Dave  Hughes’ manager to pass on to Dave

Gratifyingly Dave Hughes manager got back to me straight away and thanked me for bringing the article to their  attention and  assured me she would make sure Dave was across it.

I myself seized an opportunity just before I left Brissy to go back and offer Ben  some encouragement  and we had a good chat He turned out to be a very intelligent guy who even got into Uni to study science but fell into difficult emotional times and wasnt able to continue.

I really fervantly wish Hughesy might reach out to Ben who is homeless and  moves between sleeping in backpackers and sleeping on the streets

I guess the whole experience for me impressed upon me the juxtapositioning  of two extremes of individuals embodying their life journeys  at opposite ends of the wealth and social status spectrum   coexisting side by side in modern times  in our country  and living out such very different karmas

A celebrated much loved Aussie  comedien who is  worth  millions  and a talented writer  who is homeless and yet able to write  and pay homage to his  hero  hailing him as a great man and a shining star without a hint of jealousy or rancour  …

This is indeed a world of  extreme paradoxes and I am again  challenged to try to understand why some people have so much and others so little when surely we are all  valued and special and important in the  eyes of our Creator  .

I am enclosing a copy of Ben Ts article which might not be legible so better still do yourself a favour go and support your local Big Issue vendor  in which ever  town you happen to be and buy a copy of the latest September /October  and turn to page 7




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