I love sharing this  anecdote

In Katoomba whilst living in the Blue Mountains   I had on the spur of the moment enrolled in a one day womens  photography workshop hoping to learn a bit about some of the basics of photography  The  overall idea for the Workshop was that after learning a few basics   we were  instructed to take an object from a group of items laid out on a table for us   and  create photos by taking the object we had chosen  and placing it  in the landscape outside  in such a way as to create artistic and photoworthy images with the end result that our  creative endeavours might end up in the local  International Womens Day exhibition .

I grabbed a lovely pearlescent shell  as my object of choice and at the time I didnt own a camera and had  to borrow one of the presenters as we made our way outside Filled with  great enthusiasm but just about ‘0’  technical knowledge  about  how the camera I borrowed worked  I must have spent most of the time allocated for our creative experimentation discovering how to turn  the camera on and off and  finding the view finder  and it seemed no time at all before we were asked to go back inside to wrap up the workshop  .

Almost completely out of time and still not even sure which button one needed to press to shoot a photo   I quickly plopped the shell on top of a rusty mail box for one  quick shot with really no idea of what I was doing  and then  placed it in the middle of a clump of daisies  growing out of sidewalk crack and pressed a few buttons hoping I was covering all bases .

I handed the camera in with no idea at all that I had taken any photos worthy of  being included in the exhibit.

You could have knocked me over with a feather then when I got an email from the workshop presenters a few weeks later advising me she had put my photographs in to the exhibit and the shot of the shell resting amongst the clump of daisies had sold and asking me to come and collect my earnings ………


Love it

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