I’ve had a few health challenges this week but nothing lifts my spirits like painting especially painting with a group of sociable  lovely ladies   talking about Life Love The Universe and everything as we dab away

It was a small class at Cheryl’s  studio PAINTBOX’s  first paint and sip for the year (www.paintboxart.com.au)

I discovered Cheryl and I  were of a similar vintage and actually had taught at some of the same private colleges  in the area  me as a primary classroom music teacher on contract  and Cheryl  as art teacher .Our paths possibly even crossed

I was keen to  let loose with the paint agian and paint something not directly concerned with being images  for use in a storybook about guinea pigs.  Oh the unfettered  joyous freedom of it all.

The ladies had   chosen a lovely  floral pic as inspiration with  a lot of scope for  exploration and playing with colour  and plenty of room for  open ended  interpretation  .

I was pleased with my first painting in  months and my first painting  for 2021 .Not too many of my paint and sip efforts  actually end up being displayed and languish in storage  .but I like this one and have  put it up at home .


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