When I held my photography Exhibition ‘A Fresh Eye to Local Colour’ in September last year at the Maleny Library  at the same time I thought it would be a good idea to monetize my  photo gallery    and worked for a week with the wonderfully patient Peter over  at Microbite to have the  payment processes set up  on my site so people could order and  purchase  photos  .  Please have a look at the gallery .There are some wonderful photos there available for purchase as  photos,  posters, photoblocks ,canvasses etc .


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Mapleton Lilyponds

To be honest I have 100s if not 1000s more amazing photos to upload tothe  gallery but everything takes time and there are only so many hours in a day  .

Then whilst I was travelling up the East Coast of Australia my wonderful Olympus camera was stolen and that definately slowed up the photo output  for now but maybe that was a blessing in in disguise  as when I didnt have my camera on hand I immediately picked up a paintbrush .



This year my creative goal has been to self publish   two childrens books   and as I am illustrating both books myself with no camera on hand to distract me, the photography got pushed to the side and painting the illustrations for   my  first book to go to the printers ‘Creme and Caramels Big Adventure’ has been the priority of my creative focus .

I just love painting.When you  are in the flow and things are going well with your atwork  its just the best feeling and I love that I have managed to produce for  this  book pictures that match this  quirky humorous  little story with a big heart .

I have started off with one of my smaller books to find my way through the self  publishing  process

I am pleased to let poeple know ‘Creme and Caramels Big Adventure’ is only a few  weeks away now from going to the  printers …..I am going local to get some  copies printed and then will look at other online marketing opportunities  .I think to see your work in print as a paper book is very exciting .


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Moorhen at Macarthys Lake

I remember years ago when I was commissioned to write ‘A Star is Born’ the thrill I got when a year after I handed the finished  manuscript over to the publisher  and  I received a printed copy of the book in the mail ..that was a very exciting day….. So more of the same excitement up ahead except this time  I will be the publisher and the book will be the first cab off the rank for Wendys Window publishing ….

I read the other day that Tolkein was the same age as me when he gifted his first literary  success ‘Lord of the Rings’ to the world so there is hope for me yet .

Meanwhile  do check out my photo gallery    if there are any you’d like as single items   you just follow the order prompts  on the gallery webpage . If you would like  a particular  collection  of photos for a calender or a  novelty item like a mug or tea towel please email me  at  to discuss your requirements and I  also look forwards to bringing you more news  of the progress of my   book



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