Leunig  in the lounge 

Still continuing my  love affair with the beach ..No sooner did I come back from my Easter break at Kings Beach I was home for a week in Maleny and then felt the irresistable pull of that lovely pristine water energy and warm sunshine so headed off back down again for another week

Brett Whitely in the dining room 

I thought I had rented another beachside apartment  as I didn’t spend too much time persusing the accommodation site .The place looked lovely in the photographs the location seemed good  and the price was right so I booked it and was delighted to discover when I got there not only was it this beautifully maintained and furnished and rather large two storey  light filled architect designed home but it was absolutely chokkas filled with Art on just about every wall

Oriental inspired quilted wall hanging in the second bedroom 

I padded around happily in this luxurious abode .It was like staying in my own art gallery  .There was everything from Brett Whiteley Prints to Leunig The owners of the place had obviously travelled to France and their were a number of stylish Parisian  posters and bright cheerful acrylics ,some paintings of the house ,some ambiant art , a really powerful portrait of what looked like some sort of medicine woman   …….

Sketch of  local area in downstairs hallway 

I also was really gratified to find two really lovely art galleries at Moffats beach


Medicine Woman in downstairs Hallway  

One the Seaside gallery  was more for local artists which showcased  the most divine and exquisite textile wall hangings by a lady  called Cynthia Morgan who was there manning the shop and who I was priveleged to meet in person  Still going strong at 85s    her work  was just beautiful ……

I also brought a lovely piece from there called Ulysses  by an artist called D Hardinge  an acryllic painting using marbling techniques showcasing Ullyses butterflies against a backdrops of mauves and pinks and blues which are quite simply my colours and I couldnt resist

Ulysses Acryllic  Painting  by D Hardinge I purchased from  the Seaside gallery Moffats Beach

Around the corner was another gallery that showcases contemporary artist from all over the world The price tags were quite a bit more up there    and the size of many of the pieces simply wouldn’t fit on my walls at home There was some really great internationally known artists  represented  work in there though and had a good chat with the owner of the gallery as we debated the peculiarities and picadilos of the art world .For example I had just come from seeing Cynthis Morgans exquisite work priced around $500 a piece and knowing how lovely that was and much work and creativity went into something like that and trying to get my mind around why they could charge and anyone would pay 240 million dollars for one of Paul Gauguins Tahitian works

Sorry guys I just dont get it ……………. You could feed five small countries for 240 milllion

While I was away I managed to rough out a sketch for another page in my children’s book and spent a lot of time with the closed Facebook group Sketchbook Revival  oohing and ahhing and salivating over other peoples work   and trying out some of the workshop activities which I will discuss more in another post ………….

Mixed media in the main bedroom 

Combined with beautiful beach walks some lovely meals by the beach at Moffats   , a mad cap adventure in Buderim meeting a prorietor who runs Vie cafe there which boasts the most delicious menu of vegan and organic foods and who has no less than 10 chuiwawas he coparents with his partner    and playing the pokies at the Buderim tavern beside a lady who was there with her husband celebrating and  won the jackpot of $1200.Mind you they had been there all day and had poured around 800 dollars into the machines Can you imagine that

I  went in with the decision to spend 10 spent 20 and was hyperventilating at my indulgent  excesses……….the last of the big gamblers haha            !!!!!!!!!!

And meeting the loveliest man  I chanced to talk with who had lived just up around the corner from where I was staying at Moffats  ?

A great week was sad to leave ……..But have come home now and preparing in earnest for my trip to Vietnam…

Sunlit plains by W B  in my sketchbook 

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