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I feel I need to make comment about what is happening with the Melbourne situation which sounds pretty dire and yet seems to be happening in something of a parallel Universe  which isn’t touching  us in the rest of Australia .The reason the  numbers are so high in Victoria of poeple testing positive with Covid is obvious This is happening becuase the health  authorities  are going door to door and doing spot testing  and  they have already tested over 1600000 poeple in Victoria

I have to ask  if they tested that many poeple in every state in Australia  would  we see similar numbers   of people testing covid positive in every state ?and is this why Scott Morrison is noticeably absent in making much of an address to the nation  and  addressing what clearly sounds like a National Crises calling for  a real show of leadership from the Nations leader ?

Instead Scott Morrison seems to be   leaving the  Victorian premier groaning under the weight of  carrying overnous  responsibilities of the apparently dire circumstances down there all by himself   Why isnt Scott Morrison stepping up to the plate and speaking out on behalf  of Victorians  ?

What is happening to our national identity if we can smuggly rest behind  our own closed state borders and   carry on with an us /them mentality which  seems to be propogated by our politicians   which in and of itself  fragments the national spirit  and is bloody unaustralian ?

I’m kind of over the bullshit .Either its happening in Melbourne at the level of crises the Victorian  premier insist that it is   and the spot  testing going on there also needs to be  applied to all other states in Australia  or the prime minister is perhaps privy to other information suggesting that we really dont need to be taking Victorias situation seriously at all  becuase SCOMO  has his head down focusing on   pulling the economy back form the brink and the last thing he wants  is   to have to announce another national lockdown  if spot testing in other states  reveals large numbers testing Covid positive.That would put all SCO MOS  best laid plans to economic recovery  to rest wouldnt it  ….damn inconvenient for the Prime Ministers plans for national economic recovery  Victoria !!

Forgive me for my cynicism  but how can a leader worth his salt back peddle and say and do very little   when an entire state  of fellow  Aussies seem to be in serious  trouble ?

I feel like I am living in a wierd parallel Universe where one minute the prime minister is ordering us all into lockdown becuase 3 people over 75 in Australia have apparently died of Covid  19 and yet currently  numbers as high as 13  Covid deaths are apparently  happening in one day in Victoria and yet Scott Morrison seems quite complacent about the same ?

What happened to “we are all in this together” except that is if you happen to live in Victoria ?

And how do we know that the poeple dying in Victoria are actually dying of  COVID ? The latest three people to have died in Victoria were two poeple in their 70s and 1 person in their 80s who had probably had comprised health circumstances and were pretty ready to sheaf the mortal coil anyway. How can it ever be proven that it was Covid which killed them off ?

It also bears keeping in mind    that todate only 116 poeple have died apparently of Covid 19 in Australia   I have to ask how many poeple died of heart attack,suicide ,influenza or in the same cancer  5 month time frame this year  ?

I also really worry where all these used masks with their  plastic components are going to end up Are they going to be adding  strain to our  already  over polluted oceans and causing havoc with ocean birds  and wildlife   with all their ties and strings flapping around in the water   ?

When is enough enough ?.Stop the insanity I say .The panic, the overblown  media coverage ,the testing ,the overwhelming  medical costs to the tax payer , the constant droning on about this thing is all out of proportion to the minimal  actual number of deaths that are occuring in Australia  .Let me repeat that figure again only 116 COVID  related  deaths in the last 5 months

I’m over hearing about  the absolute meanspirited antics of  the authorities and the media to  those three women who travelled from Victoria  through  NSW  to Qld   but werent quite truthful with border authorities re their movements ?Now they are being held up as an example of what happens if you try to be too free spirited in your travel movements and  are being the made the subject of an absolute witchhunt ….  They are  being accused apparently of possibly  infecting  100s of poeple ..What a croc !!!   Give us all a break now

I am also pretty fed up with hearing  about Polis presenting warm benign caring faces one minute and then acting with ruthless calculated callousness when it comes to economics .For years job seekers have lived on the poverty line  many without dignity constantly facing the stresses of not having enough to meet even very basic living expenses and going hungry or not being able to pay the rent  and then miraculously the PM benificently   announces the job seeker allowance is going to be doubled . What  incredible news that must have been to unemployed Australians living on the poverty line that for the first time in months or years for some they might actually be able to  go see a movie or  buy something  nice to wear that didn’t come from Vinies or go out and have a nice meal or treat themselves to a massage  or a pedi and actually still have money at the end of the week to pay the rent ? What an incredible uplift to the human spirit this unexpected window of abundance must have meant to the dignity and self esteem of  these poeple ?

Now the PM has announced   with pragmatic ruthlessness that lacks any real heart or understanding of what it feels like to try and get by on unemployment benefits   that he is cutting the dole back by something like 300  a fortnight ?Once he does this doesnt he realize that  people who were managing on the 1100 a fortnight  and might for the first time in their unemployed experience  have found somewhere decent to live   may have to give up their homes  and move out of properties they can no longer afford   adding to the burden of homelessness in Australia . Scott Morrison  knows himself the jobs as they were are simply not out there so in one fell swoop not only is he adding to the burden of national homelessness he is also  creating conditions for an even bigger mighty swelling  underclass of people living below the poverty line in Australia .

I’m over hearing about it Dont be an Indian giver SCO MO Leave free childcare in place  as an incentive for poeple who want to work and not have to pay out half their salaries  in childcare.That will help the economy  and  please leave the job seeker allowance as it is while things as they are and you know for a fact that the jobs simply arent there as they were .Leaving the job seeker allowance  as generous as it currently is allows job seekers dignity and space of time to find their feet and maybe gives them the resources and time to consider ways of being more self sufficient and sustainable , maybe building a small business maybe offering their time in a voluntary capacity   to worthy community and charitable organizations. maybe finding ways to take part in sharing their resources  with others through community collectives  as other ways are found to move forwards socially and economically  Poeple shouldnt have to be forced in to a feral way of life through poverty in our very abundant country  while society is undergoing the shifts that  it is

In finding a way forwards SCOMO would do best to make sure everybody has enough and is living in a place of abundance and let the new paradigms   for a way forwards  socially economically and spiritually unfold as they will out of a place of abundance and hope and creativity   and freedom form the stresses that the old economic paradigm posed for too any people .

I’m over peoples gullibility and refusal to look to the possibilties that maybe indeed there is something else going on behind the Covid   ?




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