SO apparently  last Wednesday  was officially   the first day of the age of Aquarius and astrologically speaking the ushering in of the new age  the prophets have been speaking of  which will ultimately  usher in the Golden Age .As the earth  which is now purging and clearing and healing  the denser negative energies and gross of past patterns and events  will come to both personally globally and socially   the surface to be resolved and healed and cleared   and as our planet  shifts in to a higher vibration   ……..Certainly none can deny  the  dramatic shifts going on  across the globe

Despite the apparent preoccupation with COVID  and FAKE NEWS  still running high.There are so many beautiful  people  in the world  realizing that now is their time to go for it  .Never before in history has the time been so right  for people of heart and soul and vision to simply throw off the shackles and the limiting fear beliefs and just  GO FOR IT and are   working tirelessly to  bring their bests gifts and visions towards the building of a new more equitable earth which honours  the earth and all its in habitants and creatures of land and sea and air a world

In my creative arts closed facebook groups  and womens groups people are embracing and talking openly about their wounds and their pain and their healing processes in a way which is truely  courageous and   humbling and inspirational ……sharing their journies honestly and openly in a way that others can relate to  but not in a woe is me victim orientation but always with a positive spin becuase they know the journey is worth going through and  because they know what they are about  They are showing us that when you are willing to plumb the depths and let the old stuff go a bit at  a time  there is more light and more well being more centredness and  connectedness to your own  creative wellsprings  and a deeper authentic  connection to Spirit and  the natural world to the whole of life  just beyond that next wall of pain and perceived limitation .The more you peel back those  layers of the onion one by one the more light  and love and healing can come in ……..

Every day my email is just flooded with inspiring uplifting  stories and free offerings  as we all of us move towards a world  where poeple can enjoy more spiritual freedom and  are encouraged to reach into their own higher ground and  tap into their creative  potential and more fully express their particular note to add towards  this beautiful  unfolding for a new world based in   more equitability and kindness  compassion peace and love and joy.

In my own business dealings I feel so blessed to be working with  wonderful  poeple not only top of the line skilled and savvy operators in their field of expertise  but lovely human beings  committed to helping me move forwards with my own  creative visions for what I have to share and bring to the world

I  managed to catch Elizabeth Wilcocks  latest mass meditation  (beautiful) and then Jesse Wynyard and Sekuna Costars (warriors of Light ) mass meditation  which updated me  and helped  attune me to the higher frequency energies and creative implications for mankind  0f this  special  astrologically significant time .

It was a great day for me personally   I love how nature gives you little signs  .I was walking into town and spied a bug  who had turned himself over and was  buzzing frenetically spinning round and around on his back not able to get upright  I hesitated to help him as it meant walking on to someones property but I had to help so threw caution to the wind and  went into their yard. feeling sure they’d understand

It only took a second but I  flipped him over right side up  and then  he latched onto the newspaper which  I was carrying and then used it as a launching pad  to take flight  I smiled as he buzzed past me  just above my head his shell casing was such that it ballooned  out all around him like a ladies crinoline dress   and he bumbled past like a slightly unsteady air ship  ..on his way to freedom

This was a wonderful moment for me  my spirits soared with him as he buzzed away  as only  the other week I had tried in vain to free a moth who insisted in languishing and dying at my feet  …….

The later that morning I found out that I had won the Mapleton Post Office  Colouring competition   open section  The Mapleton Falls Post Office staff  each year run fun competitions for Christmas

I loving the silly whimsy of it  entered both Eg FInd Alfie the Elf and the Colouring Comp

I found the ELf with help from ELizabeth  the post office owner/managers promptings   eg Your getting warmer warmer no  cold need to keep going in the other direction etc  and for my trouble won a little stuffed toy version of Alfie  which became my  one and only christmas decoration and the colouring competiton  required us to set Alfie in  a setting of our choice

I had  taken loads of pics of the lilyponds and the moorhens and  so worked from one of them .I worked for three days on this thing .The modest little piece of  A4 paper they had given us  became so  heavily laden with paint it threatened to tear but I  pulled   together a really creditable  effort  with Alfie running past the lilyponds wishing everyone a magical christmas  and included  a couple of cheerful looking moorhens ……

Anyway my efforts paid off and I won a pack of really luxurious and luxuriant organic skincare products made here locally on the range .

Will post  a pic of my painting when I get it back end of the year .




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