Police ‘taking a knee’ to show solidarity with peaceful protesters in towns across the US

Wow I have been  so overwhelmed with what is currently going  in the states the protests the riots the looting .My heart goes out to all Americans and lets send love and prayers and ask for Divine intercession for all who are struggling and suffering there

The public frustrations after the deprivations of  months of lockdown  and George Floyds death at the hands of a police officer while other police officers  looked on and let it happen have created the perfect storm    and this tragic event is clearly  a catalyst  for the  communal outpouring of years of pent up anger and frustration at the ingrained racial inequality and injustices still deeply imbedded in the cultural  fabric of American society  that needed to come to the surface and be brought out into the open and responded to ……. somehow it had to happen  it wasnt just about Police brutality either  

As John and Ocean Robbins founders of the Food Revolution Network   point out “statistically the darker your skin color the more likely you are to be the victim of police violence and also to grow up poor ,to be denied loans ,promotions and housing opportunites,to live in a community with polluted air and water to lack access to nutritious and healthy food and to suffer from obesity type 2 diabetes hypertension heart disease Alzheimers and all the other chronic diseases that are so prevelant today 

In the US Black children  have  now  a 5oo percent higher death rate from Asthma compared to white children and now Black Americans are dying of Covid 19 at more than 3 times the rate of white poeple.     All of this and so much more deeply ingrained systemic  injustices  needs to be addressed   but first things first.  

I see that  Trump  eventually emerged from his bunker to address the chaos  and  in consideration I am feeling his hard line stance and walk to St Johns  church and the gesture with the bible both powerful and strategic.First he addressed the  tragedy of George Floyds death assured Americans justice would be served in this matter  and in the previous days address to NASA, Trump had actually gone into much more detail assuring Americans the matter of the trial of the police officer who murdered Floyd would be expedited

Then powerfully for me  he announced himself fully aligned with the peaceful protestors and  drew a clear distinction  between the peaceful protestors   and the rioters and looters   which is a really important distinction to make and in true presidential style as  a leader steering a ship through murky waters of potential all out anarchy he promised a tough line when dealing with  the looters and rioters indicating he would be hauling in thousands of troops and the National Guard to restore order and arrest the perpetrators  not only to issue a warning to  those doing the looting and rioting but to offer assurances to the general American public that someone was at least at the helm  of the presidential ship and had the power  bring in resources to take back control over and prevent  descent into overall anarchy   Love him or hate him  big Daddy was  at the helm  and would do whatever he felt was necessary to restore order .

Then in his walk to the church  his symbolic gesture was  both powerful I thought and politically strategic  both appealing to his electorial constituency and honouring  and aligning to the notion that there is such a thing as a Higher Power and a Higher law in the land  I am amazed that so many journalists seem   more concerned with castigating Trump and finding fault with his  address and chosen  mode of response. Personally I thought he responded well  and appropriately  as a leader in a time of emergency   to what needed to  responded to.

Yes Trump is  bombastic Yes hes outrageous at times, and he says some truely awful things but I am starting to wonder exactly how much  of what he says is taken out of context when reported by the mainstream media or maybe he just deliberately throws out red herrings to divert from the fact hes actually a very shrewd and savvy operator much more attuned and responsive to whatever else is going on and in the know about  who else is trying to pull the strings in global politics .The mainstream media are constantly beating up on the guy and so many people love to hate him  but come on now give the guy  a break imagine the pressure Donald Trump  is under  right now …….

Donald trump invites indignation and righteous outrage with some of his gestures  he galvanizes and polarizes poeple but he  also acts as a catalyst to  get people standing up and speaking out for the values they care and feel passionate about  about which  as I see it is a valuable role he plays  and if all he does for now is act as  Big Daddy at the helm of the ship creating a container of ‘law and order’  to avert the crises of potential descent into all out anarchy so that Americans have a safe arena in which to speak out surely  he is doing his part 

When a house is burning you call in the fire brigade .When a city is under seige by rioters and looters you call in the National Guard  .You dont sit  in the middle of a  burning house sighing and moaning and wondering how  the house managed to   catch fire ?Its only when the flames have been put out  and you  are out of danger of being burned alive and losing everything  you  contemplate  the ashes of the wreckage and try to determine the cause of the fire and embrace preventitive measures and   work at building a better newer  more fire proofed house .I feel Donald Trumps response in his initial address  and walk to the church was appropriate to what he felt immediately needed to be done  which did need to be done      

Even clearing the precincts between the White House and the church of protestors was seized on by the mainstream  media to represent Trump in the worst possible light as police  used aggressive tactics and  cleared the area using rubber bullets and the like   .As I see it a dictate to the police in the area  probably came down from the White House that Trump had decided to  walk to the church and the area needed to be cleared .It was the police acting out of force of habit and the  usual  strong arm crowd control strategies  that they had traditionally been sanctioned to use who let loose with the rubber bullets and other aggressive tactics .I cant imagine Donald trump was thinking too much about suddenly within a matter of hours dramatically  revising polices crowd control tactics At that time  cities all across America were burning and he was surely thinking about how to put out the flames and reassuring Americans   that he was bringing this anarchy under control 

Surely its time to stop bagging Trump  and jumping on  and interpreting every little thing he does twisting and distorting it to see it in a negative light . The only way to get the very best out of poeple is to put your attention and  focus on what they are doing well and I have observed Trump doing a number of things well .   

I felt he  pulled some commendable moves in halting 430 million dollars of American Taxpayers Money g to the World Health Organization pending an investigation there as to  the role they have


Dr Judy  Mikovitz

played   in how things have panned out with the pandemic (excuse the pun ) and  getting a bit closer to the truth about  what the World Health organization  knew and what they didnt know and theres a whole story to be uncovered there me thinks…..

I also at first  thought that Trump was a bit of a nog with this business of his taking of  Hydroxychloroquine  until I discovered through watching Dr Judy Mikovitz’s Movie ‘The Plandemic ,  Mikovitz a   Former  top immunologist molecular scientist and medical researcher  who points out that  through research done in 30 different countries  with 2300 participating doctors the number one  recommended cure for COVID 19   was in fact Hydroxychloroquine  which Tony  Fauci  long term Presidential  medical advisor was trying to debunk presumably  becuase at 50 cents a dose if it worked and poeple got better  it could put all their  his and Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical companies like Big Pharma and pro vaccine organizations like G.A.V.Is   well laid plans to make squillions of  dollars out of Covid cures and globally administered Vaccines  to waste.

Dr Judy Mikovitz  thoughtful provocative and interesting and revelatory  movie   the  Plandemic well worth watching is  available on BIT CHUTE  but  it keeps getting taken down from  Utube  a sure sign it contains something juicy  that certain powers that be dont wish you to see ( which should inspire you to watch it ).

But back to the George Floyd inspired riots and the presidents response  , I also recently  watched a documentary about the LA riots which erupted in April of 1991 over the Rodney King  bashing  and I watched in disbelief at how cunningly and cleverly the trial was moved to an affluent  white neighbourhood   I watched the utter chagrin and despair of so many Americans both black and white  as the jury pronounced the police perpetrators ‘not guilty’ of a crime the whole world had  received undeniable and irrefutable occular proof by way of video evidence   as definately having happened .Clear video evidence  of 4 policemen  laying into Rodney King with batons  somewhere between 53 and 56 times .  What a painful message to black Americans at that time and what a bitter pill for them to swallow that clearly justice was very definately NOT   alive and well in the US judicial system .  The hopeless feelings the despair the chagrin and disbelief that Americans  expressed  as the  ‘not guilty’ verdicts were handed down was very  palpable.Although King did eventually get a multimillion dollar payout his life was cut short when he died at only 47 only several months after the release of his autobiography, one wonders how the injuries sustained at the time of his beating contributed to his early demise   

But this time around 19 years on  I do see  that beneath the rabble and the chaos that has erupted on the streets of dozens of US cities this past week something else is emerging  . I see something different happening . Despite the unrest and the chaos  I see lovely things happening that give me hope that as a society we are moving forwards on a positive evolutionary trajectory towards a better world.I hear with my own ears the words of a president who has announced himself as an ally to peaceful protestors and therefore I take standing up for their constitutional rights to express their concerns  by way of peaceful demonstrations and processes  When before in history has this happened ?Usually people  engaged in peaceful processes   are regarded as enemies of the prevailing power paradigm and are mocked and scorned by the mainstream  if not  outright roughly  manhandled y police and coerced into silence , I see more personalized responses  and impassioned heartfelt pleas from the reporters . The  channel nine news reporter sent to cover the riot in  Minneapolis  apart from doing her job  of reporting the news suddenly  launches into a  spontaneous heartfelt and impassioned and insightful  speech based on her own experiences as a black woman this is not just news but it suddenly has become  passionate heart felt human  revelation based in personal first hand experience  that will touch viewers hearts and make them think  .I hear the thoughtful warm reassuring intelligent discerning and concerted comments of the President of the NAACP arguing for the humanity of the peoples he represents  in his ‘We Are Done Dying ‘address   and offering assurances to his poeple that times are about to change . I feel that a good man is at

the helm there .


Even better I see an LAPD  police commander ‘taking a knee’ to show his solidarity and support with peaceful protestors  and  just checking the news today he  has  apparently set off a wave of similar actions from whole squadrons of police across the states  and  in another moving image  a couple of days ago ,I see  a police officer  hugging and comforting a very distressed protestor making  comments to the fact that ‘they are in this together’ .


I see the act of  a peaceful protestor  laying out a pack of bottled water for thirsty police .

My email intray is full of statements of solidarity and support for an end to racism from good people taking a stand the best way in which they feel given to respond .   More and more good and humanely motivated and intentioned people  are standing up now and speaking out . 

Yesterday I receive an email from Hawaii based  Amber Kuilemailani  Bonnici Artist and Womens Creativity Mentor  in which she implores  women if they know something and feel something  about what is going on to speak out and has put some of her  paintings up for sale with the proceeds going to the NAACP.   

Today  I read  another email from the  CEO of Etsy  The global  marketplace for Creatives   who makes a powerful statement and calls for the end of injustice and brutality against coloured poeples  and even better puts his money where his  mouth is and makes two $500,000 donations to organizations seeking justice and empowerment for Black Americans .

Yes more people are standing up .More and more people are speaking out from their hearts and the wellsprings of their humanity and speaking out .So with this outpouring of love and concern and poeple speaking up from their hearts and their finer sensibilities and Higher selves and initiating practical initiatives and taken actions in service to humanity  based on their best convictions  that can improve  circumstances  practially politically and ideologically and bring about positive change, I have no doubt that if we all do our bit,  each one of us we will become  a critical mass of poeple who will  be able to turn the tide and see the world avert  crises and set the stage and pave the way for a brighter kinder fairer world and  a brighter kinder fairer future  for all of humanity ahead .


Angel Wings in the clouds                  A Higher Power keeping watch perhaps?    I like to think so

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