I recently stumbled across this amazing online media channel called UPLIFT CONNECT ( www.upliftconnect.com ) described by its creators as having been created by a group of positive change makers promoting and celebrating ‘love in action’ and positive change initiatives around the world .

This wonderful channel offers free viewing of a range of the most inspiring and thought provoking full length films and documentaries, podcasts and articles on a range of inspiring topics .

I pounced upon this treasure ( I believe its home base to be somewhere in the Northern Rivers Areas of Northern NSW ) feeling like a kid in a candy store reckoning I was in for a few late nights as I perused this unexpected banquet of bounty of free wonderful thought provoking progressive films and documentaries …

I went with what appealed and spoke to my heart most in the moment and selected a wild life documentary called ‘Albatross ‘ created by film maker Chris Jordan and his team .See www.albatrossthefilm.com


Laysan Albatross Pair

Make no mistake this film is truly a love story .This turned out to be such a beautiful moving poetic, if sadly poignant and heart breaking film which not only chronicles the life cycle of the Albatross but graphically portrays its terrible modern day plight being that the survival of the Albatross and other seabirds is under terrible duress as a result of the scourge of plastic rubbish polluting and floating indiscriminately around in the worlds oceans particularly the Pacific Ocean surrounding Midway island roughly half way between North America and Asia where this this movie was filmed .

Dead Albatross  with  plastic contents of its stomach responsible for its death

The film focuses   on the confronting and hard hitting story  that   Thousands of Abatross on midway island are dying  slow agonizing terrible deaths because of consuming or being fed (as chicks ) plastic rubbish floating in the Pacific Ocean .  This film is a powerful paradigm changer that brings home some confronting and terrible truths about the plastics pollution of our oceans reaching crises proportions and calling on each of us to do what we can through personal action and advocacy to save the lives of these beautiful birds  .

Made from over 400 hours of film shot, over a period of 4 years and 8 successive visits to Midway Island during each successive visit the film makers attuned themselves and sank more deeply into the experience of being and living daily with these magnificent birds .Jordan says “my wish was not only to tell the story of the Abatross from a factual stand point but to convey the intensely vivid ,sensual ,emotional and spiritual experience of being with the Albatross” He certainly does this in this remarkably powerful poetic and deeply moving film



Albatross mating ritual on Midway Island

Personally The Albatross has long been something of a totem creature for me moved and intrigued and inspired as I am by their sleek streamlined bodies their phenomenal wingspans, the their air of mystery and inscrutability and the fact that they mate for life and their unconventional global traveller ways

I once asked of Spirit to be able to see the world through the eyes of an albatross and felt I was momentarily gifted with distinct impressions of soaring and gliding silently through cold clear pristine air gliding effortlessly over endless expanses of cold white snow fields and icy canyons Page 3

The film maker Chris Jordan and I might be kindred spirits I reckoned as he himself ponders the question several times in the movie of wondering what it must be like to experience the world through the eyes of an albatross

Midway Island is famous for its strategic location in the battle of Midway in the 2nd world war and now abandoned as a military outpost contains many remnants of the machinery of war now neglected and disused rusting and rotting lay scattered over the island This creates a poignant backdrop for this troubled tale of the modern day plight of the Albatross and indeed what must surely be a similar fate for many more species of seabirds amongst the hundreds of thousands of birds who make their home on the island .The remnants of war left behind on the island reminding the film viewer of the tenuousness and fragility of life and also a lingering reminder of man’s for destruction

Albatross nesting on Midway Island

For my full review of this amazing film go to my articles link at top of site  or better still to see the movie   ‘ALBATROSS ‘either go to www.upliftconnect to download movie or go straight to www.albatrossthefilm.com to view


Wendy Buss

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