Kings beach view from my apartment 

Kings Beach Caloundra  had a lovely break away

The apartment I rented was a top floor deal right on Kings beach overlooking a park and the main surf beach .Years ago I would have avoided the Easter crowds like the plague and headed for a much more deserted spot in a place of outstanding natural beauty and solitude  where I could commune and revel and bliss out  in nature  and the fewer poeple around the better

But these days maybe I have mellowed with the passing years but I actually enjoyed and appreciated all the family fun around me and it was FULL ON. Easter being a traditional time for family get togethers .There were peeps EVERYWHERE despite the inclement and gloomy and sqaully weather most of the time peeps spilling out of cafes The parks were chokka with littlies swinging and hanging and twirling on things and squealing and running around all no doubt super hyped from the extra sugar intake they were getting from all those chocolate easter eggs  .It was wall to wall parents and kids in the parks .  One solitary coffee van was doing a roaring trade and despite the rain the surf beach  was business as usual .



I am amazed and a bit awed actually at poeples die hard ‘life be in it’ spirit squeezing the most out of every moment on their Easter hols I am sure a lot of poeple  will have come up form the city to hit the beaches  and wanting to be outdoors as much as possible  . Even in the pouring rain and grey gloomy skies from the early  hours from like 7 oclock on  crowds of people were in the surf and the sound of the life guards hollering  on their megaphones telling poeple stuff like stay between the flags was a constant background noise  during my stay.

Myself  I did venture out in the rain a bit but much prefered to stay warm and dry and cosy inside painting.Being on a diet at this time was a bit tough Whoah.When everywhere I  was surrounded with  cafes and restaurants serving fish and chips  emanating tantalizing odours  and sporting sumptuous delicious sounding  menus . Going away on a holiday is NOT a good time to start a diet  I did discover and  have to admit  I did cave in to temptation a couple of times The naturopath supervising told me I could have a ‘steak’ day so I felt no guilt( none whatsoever )as I found a quiet spot at the wait for it ‘ Hogs Breath Cafe’  .Steak and lettuce was what the naturopath actually  said I’m not sure that the accompanying baked potato with sour cream was what she had in mind ….but really apart from this I reckon I did really well extremely well all things considered and only had lets just say a few minor infringements  .


When you are dieting if you support your system with supplements and do it properly its a fantastic feeling feeling in control of what you put into your mouth and exercising control over your body and you controlling food rather than food controlling you. You savour the tiny meals and really appreciate the taste and flavours of food  a whole lot more  It can be a very spiritual experience as you become mindful of what you put into your system and how it affects you I   am enjoying discovering  that I can be in control and  decide to feel lighter and fitter and seeing the gratifying results after stepping on the scales  Yes !!

I got out on Easter Sunday and did some plein air sketching of Bulcock beach I love sketching out in the open met a lady who sat with me while I worked who was a Montessori teacher and who had actually taught at the River School where the boys who help me out in the garden  go to school ..We had a nice chat

Another really cool thing was the fantastic view I had from the apartment  of the big ships cargo ships tankers and  and ocean liners passing through  on their way out to sea or into port.


On the Monday went back to Bulcock and did some photography. Keen to try to capture the  kite  surfers in action with my special effects tech on my camera. It is such an ephemerally beautiful captivating and magical site when you get a few kite surfers to see all those coloured kites billowing and sailing along in a constant changing diorama of movement and colour and the sheer strength and skill that must be required to hold those things up is amazing and some of the poeple were doing some pretty impressive stunts I did try to capture these but found it extremely hard to get both the kite and the  kite surfer action in the same shot  and I wasn’t alone there



I got talking to a guy also trying to take photos of the kite surfers. His telescopic lense alone was about three times the size of my camera  and he was a professional photographer  and he was having the same trouble .Peter was down form Kingaroy and had been hired to photograph a surfing event and now  the following day  as he put it was out on a busmans holiday  taking some fun shots for his own pleasure .We had a good chat and he showed me some awesome surfing photos he had taken .


I made some pleasing progress on  one of the pics I am working on for my kids book and loved just lazing on the sofa at night listening to the sound of the  ocean watching the grande finale of ‘ Dancing With The Stars” I reckon this show must be one of the best shows on TV .I have always loved tuning into it .  Such a feel good high energy celebration of poeples hard hard yakka  artistry and talent and  guts . This year the guy I hoped would win it  did .Samuel Johnson what a character so raw and real I dont think he was he best dancer in the comp but he just oozes authenticity and charisma and clearly it was his substantial  fan base which saw him over the line


Bulcock Beach 

So then all in all it was a really good holiday break ……. For more photos see my photogallery  Caloundra Easter 2019


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