What to charge for healing ?

In a recent discussion amongst friends and fellow travellers people raised important points about charging for healing that is I believe a very pertinent and important topic for debate and I would like to share my own thoughts in the matter

On the one hand yes healing power is of God/dess and as  I see it as such it is a sacred skill and gift surely to be extended in sacred service to those  come into our orbit that we feel we can assist who might benefit from our gifts without primary consideration to costs and at the very least at a rate which is comfortably accessible and affordable for the person in need of the healing but I also recognise we also live in a material world and everyone has bills to pay . 

Sadly though the world is not a level economic playing field .That’s the truth of how it is and many people especially women in transition who are compelled by Spirit to be breaking free of old constrained paradigms for living which no longer serve their spirits desire for greater more authentic empowered and creative expression in the world to be more deeply connected and living in alignment with Source energies whether it be women breaking free of domestic violence situations, people leaving behind unfulfilling and unworkable partnerships and lifestyles  people setting out on a path less travelled and  perhaps standing on their own financially for the first time in their lives

Often people major life transitions can be brought about through a serious illness crises often people requiring healing are older people who through age or illness step back from the work force accept pensions and then go on to give their gifts and skills to their communities in a voluntary capacity.

Then there are people like mums in single income families  whose already overstretched budgets simply cant accommodate the cost of something like a regular massage .

What troubles me because I have seen it and walked beside such people  When women with money feel in need of nuturance and healing and don’t feel well they have the means where they can   head to a spa or a holistic healing treatment They at least have a choice .

When women in financial contraints similarly feel fatigued or under par on the health front they often end up going to their GPs  where they can be bulk billed  who often  don’t understand their health conditions in the more holistic wider context  of  a symptom of spiritual healing crises or breakthrough which can be addressed holistically and they may end up being prescribed antidepressants

So it becomes a double standard as in so much of life where such a dichotomy of experience still exists between rich and poor and the haves and the have nots       

All of these poeple then mentioned above maybe going through a genuine transition who would greatly benefit form healing but at a time in their lives when they find themselves on pensions and in serious financial constraints which would puts many of the lovely holistic health therapies and personal growth modaillities available these days simply out of reach and unaffordable to them

The realities of being on a pension is that there is not too much left over from keeping a roof over your head the utilities connected and food on the table much less afford money for healing  .Sadly then it is many people who would most benefit for a healing that simply cant afford it

On the other hand many of my friends and fellow travellers through time have been natural therapists and energy healers and I know how hard some of them dedicated to their craft work ding expensive courses and ofte n putting in 1oos of practical clinic hours free of charge to hone their skills and do feel very entitled to charge substantial rated for their services which as in any apprenticeship after you have paid your dues is understandable and as I have said everyone has bills to pay .

But as I see it sadly today there is too much of a great divide and a huge gulf between so many people who need healing who cant afford to pay for healing stuck feeling and languishing in the shadows of limitation and a great many natural therapists and personal growth facilators offering incredible powerful wonderful healing technologies sitting twirling their thumbs and struggling for lack of business because they are charging for their services at a rate beyond what many people who could most benefit can afford to pay .

How can this situation be changed and how can we build a bridge through kindness and caring and compassion and applying Spiritual laws to bridge this divide so that everyone gets what they need and we all move forwards towards a more light filled ease filled grace filled joyful and abundant world for everyone ?

I have been on both sides of the coin I have lived through times of great financial constraint and been deeply grateful and appreciative when a healer has extended to me their services to make them accessible or affordable for me .In recent years I have been able to afford any therapy I wanted and have tried some priced at the top end and I have got to tell you in all seriousness in my experience rarely has the price that I have paid for a treatment determined the quality of service I have received.

I have had beautiful heart centred treatments  costing little and given freely in a spirit of generous loving service which surely can only add to the quality of healing received when someone gives with their heart wide open like that  Some of the fresh young students in student clinics clocking up their clinic hours come to mind where you might pay 30 dollars for a massage  but find students really keen to give of their best and learn all they can and  I have also had mediocre treatments where  the therapist is tired burnt out and unenthusiastic after too long in the massage field  I have paid a lot of money for a treatment and  loved it feeling it to be worth every cent  and also  left expensive massages wondering how the therapist could feel justified in charging as she did ?.

Its important to realize that the value of what your bring as a healer especially when you come from that heart centred space and come from that place of  desiring to be first and foremost of loving service in your work is  in NO WAY determined by the market value you place  your work . 

I found as a writer although my writing skills have been highly regarded and earned me rewards from a National Film Funding body, book and article commissions and consistent High Disinctions in my academic work and consistent traffic on my academia webpage from all over the world but often came across people like students and struggling authors who simply couldn’t afford professional editors rates  

In the end it worked best for me to negotiate with people what they could afford to pay and if I felt aligned to the job and felt I had something of value to bring to it  there was the  joy of working at something  love to do and being of service and of course  when you throw yourself into simply being of service first and foremost abundance does come to you in other ways . 

I believe everytime we give out with our hearts wide open to be of service to another we earn good karma and we keep ourselves in that flow and river of God/desses great Abundance though it might not always look like what we insist it should look like

With regards to healing I also believe no soul who is in transition and seeking to improve their lives and advance their spiritual growth should have to wallow in the shadows feeling stuck disempowered and limited because they cant afford to access the healing they need .If  this applies to you I recommend you set your course and tell Spirit what you need and set you course make a commitment and intention that the help you need will show up . Don’t be afraid to reach out and be honest about your needs.

 The fact is we are here to help and be of service to one another and when one single human being releases and lets go of some old emotional wound and grows lighter the quotient of light is increased on the planet ….We are all in this together …………….one persons healing also adds to the worlds healing

I believe there are already a great many holistic healers and personal growth facilitators who come from a compassionate heart space and offer one or more dramatically reduced healings to people in their orbit on a regular basis who they know are living with financial constraints and to you guys I say a BIG heartfelt thankyou because I really believe you really are the way showers of what our new world will look like.

We are all in this building a new world together and no one is an island and if you are experiencing financial constraints and in need of a healing and feel compelled to reach out for some healing I would encourage you to reach out and ask for what you feel you need. Maybe if cash is in short supply let the healer know what your skill set is and offer them a contra deal …….maybe you can clean their windows or offer them a tarot reading or bake for them

I would say to healers who are short of clients possibly becuase they have priced their services out of reach to those very people who most need them perhaps look honestly at whom Goddess is placing in your orbit in genuine need of what you offer and look within your hearts to see what you can do to make your service affordable and accessible to those who most need you?

When you accept contra deals instead of cash too you are also honouring the client as being someone who has a valuable skill set to share and something of value to offer so you are assisting them in feeling empowered and having agency in the ability to use their skill set to earn what they need to live

Many years ago I had left teaching and was giving music lessons for people  in the old Lets system at the time exchanging music lessons for pizza and pesto products .I discovered I was in fact a very good music teacher and as a result of giving the music lessons through Lets was able to find a place for myself back into the Qld Education Department using the Music Major I almost forgot I had as part of my teaching studies and I was bale to go back to teaching on a casual and contract basis doing much more music and creative arts teaching on a more flexible basis all of which suited me so much better

The lady who was happy to offer me pizza and pesto in exchange for music lessons really served me so well by reminding me I still had some very marketable skills and help me to resurrect my career as a teacher

So healers if someone crossed your path in need of what you can offer who cant afford to pay you in cash please also consider the possibilites that they may have a skill set that can save you from needing to spend dollars on other products or services you really need

I believe any gesture of generosity like reaching out to make your services accessible to people who need them or helping poeple rediscover what they can bring to the market place which has value will earn you karmic brownie points and your own abundance will increase in accordance with your own generosity to others …….it really is true what goes around comes around

Love and blessings to all

Wendy Buss

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