Convoy to Canberra passing through Yandina


2022  Official Convoy to Canberra

I feel so excited  to tune in as  many 1000s of trucks and cars have been headed to our nations capital  over the past few days to front up to Parliament House  in time for when  Parliament resumes on Monday 7th  February   Thousands of Aussies coming together  standing united vaxxed and unvaxxed  in peaceful protest  to tell the politicians  enough is enough   and we want our country  and our freedoms back  .

Feeling I’d like to do something for the revolution  I decided to submit  A Letter to the Editor of my local newspaper . Cameron  the Editor  is very cool   He actually  gave me some publicity for my childrens  book  Creme and Caramel’s Big Adventure   and    and we’ve stayed in touch    …..he runs a terrific little weekly country newspaper which covers  the Sunshine Hinterland  .

When I submitted my letter  he  being of similar political persuasions  said it was ‘music to his ears’  though he did ask me to shorten it a bit  I had to cut the quote by  RobertF Kennedy Jr  a kick ass US based lawyer who heads up the US based  Children’s Health Alliance and is the author of  the book  The Real Doctor Fauci ( definately on my soon to  read list )

However I have gone ahead here and printed  the full letter as I originally wrote it  .As I say  in the letter I believe all the protest activity currently  gathering down  in our nations capital  spells  a landmark   action  that  will  be the beginning of very positive shift  for Australia and Australians

I feel so excited and proud to be Aussie as I tune into and witness this massive coming together  in the name of freedom

                                      2022 Official  Convoy  to Canberra

                                                                                        By   Wendy Buss

Wondering if people are aware that in the last few days  convoys of thousands of trucks and cars have been descending on Canberra and fronting up at Parliament House to voice their concerns and speak out collectively against the Vaccine Mandates and other issues which  they feel  have been threatening our democracy  ,disrupting our economy and the quality of peoples lives running rough shod over the Australian  Constitution and seeing the removal   of some pretty basic human and civil rights for lots of people

I have been keeping abreast  of the action via the 2022 Official  Convoy to Canberra Face Book group it’s a private group but easy to join some 178.k  members strong  with messages of support coming in from all over the world   and providing  viewers with up to the minute posts and videos  so you can keep in touch  with  all the action happening down there  in Canberra .

The inspiration for the initiative came from a similar action in Canada where thousands of truckers  descended on Ottowa  to speak out against the Covid Vaccine  Mandates with   the rally now going in to its third or fourth day over there

Here in Canberra  its inspiring to see thousands of Aussies both vaxxed and unvaxxed  coming together  as a collective   peacefully and  concertedly speaking out  about all the issues  they are concerned with .Clearly many poeple have driven to Canberra  from all over the country and have fronted up  to tell the Govt they have had ENOUGH

Many people at the rally   do not wish to vaccinate their kids with the   experimental nMRA  Covid vaccines  especially in light  of the growing numbers of reports  of negative side effects  and even deaths associated with  the vaccines  being lodged with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)

Many people who do not feel aligned to getting the jab  are protesting  the  loss of their jobs and their livelihoods and the undermining of  their  quality of life and the loss of some very basic freedoms and human rights such as the right to  travel or go to a movie theatre or a café of their choice

Other people are just fed up  and want an end to the mask wearing and   the tracking and the social isolation and distancing  ……

 It feels to me like a really landmark  action and a positive shift in the right direction for all of us  These brave Aussies  are speaking up and speaking out for a return to the values that of democracy and freedom of choice that  honour our sovereignty  before our Gods  and all the human rights and basic civil liberties social justice warriors   down through the ages both here in Australia and across the world have fought for.   It makes me feel proud to be an Aussie seeing how peacefully  Aussies  are working together as a collective down there on the frontline  at Parliament House .

As Robert F Kennedy Jr   Lawyer and CEO  of the US based  Children’s Heath Defence.Org said so eloquently in one of  his latest public  speeches

“When you accept the vaccine passports suddenly all the  rights that you used to enjoy suddenly become privileges  extended contingent on ongoing obedience to arbitrary govt dictates and so what do we do   ?  We resist !

And  thats certainly what the 2022 Official  Convoy to Canberra is doing    .Good on them .!!


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