As we head into the Christmas season and approach the end of 2019 I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas

Lady Musgrave



Artwork  for my children’s book      On the creative front I have held my first photography exhibition , and have created some lovely pictures for a childrens book planned for self publication at some stage and have made a lot of progress uploading blogs and photos stories and articles on my website

My photography exhibiton in Maleny Library (September 2019)

With my charity Sunflower I have contributed to improving the quality of  nine womens livess discovered   KIVA which offers micro loans to people in developing countries  and invested some funds there currently loaning to women and small business owners in developing countries and have continued to expand my portfolio by reinvesting funds as they are paid back .

Guatamalan ladies   craft cooperative    One of my Kiva entrepreneurial groups

I rented a lovely home in an idyllic part of the world where I had an art studio ,grew vegs , delighted in a beautiful garden, socialized with wonderful people , employed cleaners and gardeners and which was my oasis and my sanctuary  until my spirit grew restless and would not let me tarry there

I have also manged to cross a couple of items off my travel bucket list which included snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef and seeing the giant turtles lay their eggs at Mon Repos on the east coast of Australia

One of my favorite photos Image may contain: bird, sky, outdoor and water

I monetized the photo gallery on my website so people can purchase images if they would like to

A few months ago I gave up the house I was renting to set out on a travel journey I was a bit tentative as I said goodbye to my safe cosy peaceful home  but in my first week of travelling I found a magic wand on the footpath which reminded me I could be a magical manifestor and I just knew it was a sign the Universe had my back and so it has been on this journey

Magic Wand

I am travelling without a car ..just trains planes buses and lifts …….


As a middle aged lady with creaky knees who has struggled with chronic fatigue after coming through some big life stresses and serious illness some years ago I have a big spirit of adventure and sometimes rush in where angels fear to tread and find myself suddenly in situations where my little human self feels completely out of its depth .and have had a few of those “Oops she did it again moments on this trip ” Whether it be climbing on and off boats trekking up and down rocky passes lugging packs and snorkelling gear in sweltering heat to reach the best snorkelling beaches or conquering my shark fears as I snorkel off the back of a boat in open ocean .

View of the keppels

However I have got to say in reaching out of my comfort zone I have truely felt supported every step of the way as poeple have graciously stepped in to assist where needed

I have been amazed at the serendipitous events which have lined up to see me meeting up with and engaging with the most wonderful interesting and inspiring human beings

I have seen countryside landscapes and natural wonders which are gob smackingly ‘out of this world’ beautiful …and have enjoyed the sensations of floating weightless whilst gazing in to magical underwater worlds only previously seen on TV and have been up close with a giant turtle as she comes in from the ocean to lays her eggs on the beach at Mon Repos                                   

Georgie aboard the Starship

I can thoroughly recommend snorkelling at Lady Musgrave Island Lady Elliot or the Keppel Isles at the Southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef … life changing experiences

Sometimes on this journey my energy would wain and I would feel like a bag lady wearily trundling along with my suitcase and then I would remind myself…NO I am a magical being on a Sacred journey ….. and my energy rises    n                                                                    Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, nature and water

Great Keppel Island

With the personal pain and challenges I have overcome this year I reckon if I can do extraordinary things anyone can my experience has been when you step out of your comfort zone  to reach out for something new the and different The Universe rises up to meet you

I encourage everyone to step out of your comfort zone LIVE LARGE and go for your dreams in 2020 best wishes Wendy


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